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Me-Made-May ’12, Day 11 — Hair Apparent

Ok, so I didn’t get a MMM post done yesterday because I was dyeing my hair — and I’m not about to mess up my good clothes with dye! Here’s the result:

The lighting was bad…I did clean up the bookshelf, though.  A little.

Top: By artist Jaime Zollars, via Felt Club LA a few years back (I linked to her without permission — if she asks, I will need to take it down but her stuff is AWESOME and I wanted to share)

Belt: Gap Outlet

Skirt — me-made McCall’s 5429, blogged about here

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

Shoes: Dirty Laundry boots

Hair Color: Jerome Russell Punky Color in Flamingo Pink

I wanted a lighter pink, so I didn’t leave the color on as long as I should have and it is bleeding out pretty quickly. We’ll see how it develops, but I may need to try a different brand in order to get the shade of pink I want. Still, it’s a nice fun color! Jerome Russell lasts a bit longer than most of the other bright color dyes I’ve tried, but I wash my hair every day (thanks to working out) so the color only tends to stay for 2-3 weeks on me.

I seem to have injured my knee on the treadmill this morning so I ended up changing the boots halfway through the day for my Docs, which don’t have a heel. I love the style of these boots but they may not be the best thing for my feet.

I haven’t done a Friday Headbanging video in SO long, but when I went back through my archives, I realized some of the videos had been yanked by Youtube. I understand the copyright concerns but it’s still really frustrating. I decided that it won’t stop me from posting videos, but I won’t go back and update if something gets pulled. So here’s what’s on my playlist this week:


This is Your Blouse on Drugs

My friend Erika is one size down from me, so we sometimes trade clothes back and forth. Often, that means I reap the dubious benefits of her family’s hand-me-downs. Like this cracktastic blouse:

Those ruffles are all kinds of wrong.

First off, who dresses like Ed Hardy meets Oscar Wilde? Aside from Erika’s mother-in-law, that is? And why are the ruffles and hem unfinished? The buttons are cheap crystal plastic that are almost impossible to get through the holes. I’m pretty sure E. took one horrified look at this and jammed it right into the bag she gave me. Most of that stuff went straight to the thrift store, but I kept this blouse for the stamped images:

This design is actually kind of awesome.

I’ll probably use them for appliqués.

In other news, I’ve made two t-shirts from Built by Wendy: Home Stretch. Both are complete and total wadders. First, I made the easy t-shirt with serged seams and hems. The fabric I used was burnout jersey from the pound shop, purchased only because I was curious about working with that type of thin material. In short, it’s a nightmare to sew — like gossamer and cobwebs, only less attractive:

The colors are better in real life, I think.

I made the medium and the shoulders are where I want them, but there is no shaping through the body and the differential feed tried to chew up the neckline and sleeves, so this isn’t even a wearable muslin. The neckline is ok but a little high.

So then I scooped out the front neckline using the XS size as a guideline, and made it again from a ribbed knit. Since I knew I couldn’t hem the rib knit without stretching, I made bands for the neckline, sleeves and hem. Everything wound up way too big:

It looks even worse on me, if that's possible.

The neckline is actually ok, and the shoulders do fit. The rest of this is a complete and total yuck. There’s a slight possibility that a 2-way jersey with less stretch and regular hems might work in this pattern, but I’m not sure. I’m going to set this project aside and cogitate for a bit….

From the Department of Completely Ridiculous, Yet Fun — your Friday video! If you want a challenge, Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking describes a vampire bar doing a cowboy line dance to this song. Now, try to picture THAT:

Apparently, I’ve Given Up Sleeping for Lent

I’m not really hip on my High Holy Days — being a lapsed Lutheran will do that to ya — but I always remember Lent because it’s in between Alcohol and Chocolate Bunnies. I don’t actually celebrate Lent, I just remember it. Like, oh crap, it’s Lent! I was supposed to…..give up something.

Picard being exasperated at you makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, I made it to the gym four times this week, which is less awesome than it sounds. Basically, there were four mornings where I turned off my alarm and couldn’t go back to sleep.

I don’t nap. I don’t go to bed before 11 pm (midnight if there’s something good on TV, one am if I’m reading, four if I have insomnia….). If I ever sew my hand to my lap, this will be why. The only time I ever WANT to sleep is in the carpool line. Sometimes I try to twilight nap in the carpool line, which has to be the least attractive sight ever. I sleep with my mouth open and twitch a lot; it looks very special.

Have a happy Friday night! I’m going to leave you with this adorableness as a lullaby:


Whoops, Naked People

If you’re watching Lost Girl on Syfy, Monday nights at 10 pm, you’ve probably had to turn down the heat in your house. There’s more action on this show than at a fraternity mixer. Lots of beautiful naked people. Like this:

These topless lovelies are Anna Silk, who plays the main character Bo, and Kris Holden-Reid, who plays Dyson. Aside from being unreasonably annoyed that he’s named after a vacuum cleaner brand, I really like Dyson and their chemistry together is like, WHOA. Also, last week’s episode had a song playing during their Bo/Dyson combustion scene (there’s really no better way to describe that) and it got stuck in my head. Then I looked it up and was like, “Wait, I know this song. I kind of like it,” which is good because it’s my current ear worm. And since we all know the best way to deal with ear worms is to give them to someone else…


On Doing Things Badly

The sewing graveyard this week.

Flow. It’s what every artist, writer, or creator seeks — that feeling of being in the moment, where everything comes together smoothly and you lose yourself in the process, only looking up to check the time after hours have passed.

There’s also the opposite of flow; wrestling both with ideas and output, when it feels like every choice is a chore. We don’t have a convenient catchphrase for this mode….being blocked or “blockage” works, I guess, but doesn’t really convey the depth of frustration that the experience entails.

I’ve been blocked all week, actually since coming back from Monterey. I’ve been sewing badly — two bad pattern choices and one bad marriage of fabric and pattern in this week alone. I’ve been parenting badly — forgot to wash PE clothes, forgot to pick up Youngest at early dismissal, forgot to give Middlest lunch. I’ve even been BLOGGING badly, for crying out loud. I could make excuses, but they would be neither truthful nor interesting (and if you’re going to lie, it should at least be interesting). I considered giving up sewing. I seriously contemplated raising spaniels instead. I’ve always harbored a secret desire to be one of those practical British countrywomen in tweed skirts who would go tramping through the countryside to see a man about a dog. “Always see a man about a dog — that is the secret to a long and happy life,” said P.G. Wodehouse — at least, I think it was Wodehouse and Google is being unhelpful here. Anyway, tweed skirts and a long and happy life…what’s not to love? Aside from spaniel drool?

Never mind the drivel — it’s Friday, the kids have a long weekend, and I’m looking forward to some productive time. By productive, I mean I might go shopping and spend a lot of money (a lot of money relative to me, not a lot of money relative to, say, the Kardashians) and then watch TV in bed for five or six hours. It’s a thought. Here’s an old favorite to rock in the weekend — and as a bonus, the video cracks me up:

Evil in the Attic

No, not a horror movie (although it would make a good title for one). By attic, I mean my sewing room loft and by evil, I mean this:

This is rayon. Sorry about the eye-searing image.

I really, really wanted to make a summer dress this week. However, the first fabric I dug out of stash had a big honking stain in the middle (it was not cheap, either) and the second one was….this. I’m pretty sure this stuff is rayon challis, between 4 and 5 yards of it in fact. Rayon challis is unstable. It frays. It pulls off grain. It resists all attempts to press it into submission. It does hang beautifully, assuming you can get it on grain at all. However, after taking six unsuccessful photos of this print, I’m guessing it’s a good idea that I finally gave up on the dress. I don’t really know where I would wear something that makes me look blurry. Sneaking into a drug den? In my new career as a kleptomaniac? Going into Witness Protection? Hmm….

I did make some earrings. Back in the day, I used to make a ton of jewelry — until I realized I really only wear simple designs. I sold or gave away a lot of jewelry stash, but I still have all my tools and a few pieces. Came up with this:

Floral...but not girly

The ear wires are real silver, and I think the flowers are enamel of some kind — not sure. I bought a few more jewelry pieces at Michaels tonight, since I’m hoping that this will be a less frustrating creative outlet on the days when my fabric and pattern stash are just not coming together.

So anyway, I’m dedicating this Friday song to bad fabric.

Let Me Entertain You…With Delusions of Importance

By now, everybody knows I’m heading to North California tomorrow, right? I won’t be taking my computer to Monterey with me. As much as I love my computer (and my blog), I just transferred to a big, 17 inch laptop and it’s awkward to carry — doesn’t fit into any of my current padded cases. Plus, this is supposed to be a vacation and I should probably pay attention to the person I actually married, just in case he decides to stick around. I did buy a new coat for the blustery weather:

I'm pretty sure the leather is fake. Still feels nice and warm.

It passed my coat test with flying colors. The coat test is very simple; first, put on the coat. Walk around the store with it. Forget you have it on and almost leave your other coat in the fitting room. If a coat passes the test and doesn’t make you look like a marshmallow, BUY IT.

Coat buying advice aside, I’ve convinced myself that y’all are going to be bereft without me. I don’t get back until Tuesday. So I came up with some things for you to do in my absence:

1) — They have a “Create” feature where you can create your own shoes. GO WILD! You can even get shoes with two sides in different colors. Come up with themes. Go Mardi Gras. Celebrate McDonalds, or the Mighty Ducks. I don’t know, whatever floats your boat.

2) Head on over to OUR LIFE IN 3D and come up with your very own Blues Name! Mine would be Fat Hips Dupree.

3) If you’ve lost control of all but one of your digits and are incapable of doing more than pressing a button over and over, allow me to recommend to you the Harlequin Title Generator, actually called the Random Romance Novel Title Generator but the titles are total Harlequin rip offs. Also really funny, if your sense of humor inclines that way.

4) If you’d prefer smart commentary on romance novels, I strongly suggest Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. If you need a laugh, read some of their “worst” reviews. They are so funny, I promise you will pee your pants. Wear Depends.

5) If you like commentary on books, but eschew romance novels for rather more highbrow fare, I recommend the Bookslut blog. I’m not the sort of person who reads a lot of “modern lit” but Jessa Crispin’s trenchant commentary makes me wish I was.

6) For those of you who sew, a game — Apocalyptic Patterns! Ok, this is my game so I need to explain how it works. Basically, the Apocalypse has happened but lucky you — you still have fabric and electricity! Just no way to get to the mall. You’re going to have to sew all of your own clothes, but you can only have one pattern (or two, or five — it’s up to you to set that parameter). I confine myself to the Big Six patterns (here and here) for the purpose of this exercise. Be sure to consider things like outerwear and underwear. In a good season, I can get it down to two patterns.

7) Last but not least, I was startled this morning to find Newt Gingrich in my pantry. After I took a step back and a deep breath, I realized it was the Quaker Oats guy. So if you are not from the United States, be very glad you’re not in an election cycle. Or if you are, that you’re not in an election cycle with the Quaker Oats guy.

And just so you don’t miss Friday Headbanging:

Ok, I think that covers it. Stay safe, keep dry and don’t accept laxatives from strangers.

Naughty, Naughty

I always wanted to be a bad girl. I wanted to wear tight clothes, smoke cigarettes and grind them out with my heel, and attract boys in black leather who drove Harleys. I still wear tight clothes on occasion, but mostly to jog. I never did take to either smoking or staggering around in heels, and those boys in black leather? Turned out to be terrible conversationalists. I tried to be moody, but it got in the way of other things like slumber parties and Mel Brooks movies. As a result, I am completely fascinated by bad girls — over the top, rockabilly, tattooed bad girls. And by this woman’s pulp fiction collection. And by this Kirsty MacColl song, which I wound up playing on repeat for an entire summer when I first discovered it:

The Mojo Is Back!

Supplies = mess = impetus

I HAVE BEEN SEWING! After a week of shoving supplies around in a huge pile and becoming more frustrated by the minute, I got some momentum going and started a project. And even better — I have IDEAS. Inspiration. Concepts whizzing through my brain like the light cycles on Tron. I can’t wait!

I’ve been pondering this week on the best avenue to take when your creativity is tapped out. Is it better to push forward even if you’re not feeling a project, or to take a break? I know that my sewing suffers when I’m forcing it, but sometimes it feels necessary to force a failure or two, in order to not get completely bogged down. I hate to waste — fabric and patterns certainly, but the time spent on bad projects grates even more. The Hubs says that the time is never wasted; creativity is a process and screw-ups are part of the process. Whenever I get frustrated, his question is, “Did you learn something?” and since the answer is always yes, the obvious conclusion is that the time/fabric/whatever was not wasted.

Instead of giving you gloom or headbanging (or gloomy headbanging) today, I’m sharing a completely ridiculous video because it made me laugh…and one can never have enough childhood nostalgia. Although, in this case it would be nostalgia for Oldest’s childhood since Sesame Street didn’t have Elmo when I was a kid.


T.G.I. Very Much F.

I tend to keep time by weeks. Maybe because I’ve got kids in school and that’s how they mark the days,  constantly looking forward to the weekend? Whatever the reason, this week was useless. This week was the like the Vice Presidency — I just hung around waiting to be needed. Here’s how I filled my time:

1) Ogling toddlers. Looking at a two-year-old in Starbucks, wearing a Snow White costume, I found myself thinking, “Would I let my daughter, if I had one, out of the house in that? Yeah, why not — might as well get your money’s worth. But I would make sure she didn’t wear striped underpants under it.” Appropriate panty education starts early.

2) Sewing two skirts. Yes, I know I only posted one here. The less said about the second one, the better. Abject failure is not photogenic.

3) Kvetching. See also moaning, eye rolling and yelling, “Hey!” a lot.

4) Making a royal mess of things — my sewing room, the kitchen, the laundry pile, the closet. Whatever I touched this week — it ain’t pretty.

5) Buying a new pillow. My original pillow was flatter than a teenage runway model’s chest. After a night of not sleeping, where I was having these bizarre waking dream hallucinations of shopping and wound up very, very angry at the Hubs for twitching in his sleep, I went out and bought a new pillow. It cost $15, because it is one of those stupid looking contour foam things that I find ridiculous. Worth every penny. Well, worth every penny if you sleep on your side.

Speaking of sleep, before I head off that way, let me wake us all up with some good ol’ fashioned head thrashing.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…The Offspring!