I Can’t Get Enough *Something* In My Life

Take a good look at this, folks:

The dratted laundry room

Remember when I told you that I came home and the garage was raining, because the washing machine had broken? Today, we had the disaster recovery people in to assess the flood damage. That entire room, plus the older kids closet (on your right, behind that wall) and the linen closet (to the left) have to be ripped out. The whole area has to be dried with giant fans — whee! — for three days, then put back together with glue and thumbtacks. Ok, maybe not with glue and thumbtacks but I’m a little worried. We’re talking major construction here, most of which I HOPE will be covered by insurance but I am not optimistic. The older boys will not be able to sleep in their room until the whole process is finished, and the cats will have to be locked up in our bedroom for a lot of the construction period.

On the plus side….there is no plus side. We will end up replacing all of the upstairs carpet, but only because it looks effing stupid to replace a rectangle of good carpet next to the pile of putrefaction that is our current carpet. Necessary, and something I’ll be grateful for later (probably), but it’s going to cost a buttload of money we don’t really have. ARGH. Not to mention moving all the furniture and other stuff. DOUBLE ARGH.

I don’t know how much sewing I’ll be able to get done. Between the fact that I’ll have no laundry room for a week or three, and the construction and the dust….well, I might actually be driven to sewing “cheap and cheerful” if I run out of clothing, but I’m hoping it won’t go to that extreme. I do plan to continue blogging, but it’ll be light on the sewing projects.

My MIL came over today to make her famous Seafood Salad for dinner, to cheer us up. The ensuing overfeeding on top of a stressful day led to several ridiculous conversations, like this one:

Me: I really don’t get enough crab in my life.

Hubs: WHAT!?!  (I repeated myself)  Oh, I thought you said you didn’t get enough crap in your life and I was gonna say, if two weeks of construction isn’t enough crap…

Trust me, darlings, it’s enough crap. Crap I have in abundance.

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  1. Oh no no no no. I wish you were kidding or dreaming or something and would offer the use of our garage for storage and laundry room but freighting to NZ… Perhaps not. I’ll think drying thoughts for you. Can you go away and put the cats in a cattery or something?

  2. Oh, I have no words. That just sucks. I hope it all goes quickly.

  3. I have an “on the plus side.” On the plus side, you got to use the word “putrefaction” in a sentence. If I find a card that says, “Wishing you a relatively painless, stain-free construction time,” I’ll need your address.

  4. Well. Shit.

    That really is all that needs to be said.

  5. Oh, fun. Welcome to my life! At least by now I am used to a constant state of things breaking and living with the upheaval as we repair, redo, renovate. Hope your repairs go smoothly and insurance pays handsomely.

  6. Oh wow… that’s… messy. I agree with Elle C.

  7. I hope the construction is going as well as it can.

  8. Sending good wishes for the construction! If this seems long to us, your readers, I can imagine it feels much, much, much longer to you!

  9. Hi, I have been thinking of you lately and wondering how the deconstruction and reconstruction has been going. Hope everything is going well or at the very least going adequately. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Are you ok? I worry. Come back soon and check in, ok? I miss you!

  11. Are you alive???? Just checking.

  12. I was dreaming of floods and renovations (don’t ask why) so wondered how you were going. Also have just run the gauntlet of ballet costumes for the kids and remembered your various misgivings (and otherwise) about costumes for your not-so-small-fry 🙂

  13. I see you have been pinning on Pinterest! Glad to know you are okay. Hope to hear from you soon. ♥

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