What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging

This morning, we dropped Oldest and Middlest off at the pier for their first day of camp. Yes, I said the pier — this year’s camp is on an island, with a two-hour boat ride over. Cue lots of Bonine for a very worried Middlest who is prone to motion sickness. They won’t be back until Sunday, and I am sorely missing them already. Oldest has had plenty of Scout camp experience (as did Middlest during his Cub years), but this is the first time we’ve sent them off to a non-Scout, mixed gender camp. I hope they get to have the camp experience I remember from my childhood — fun and annoying counselors, questionable meals, crushes and feuds.

Which means the last week has been full of this:

Picture two more stacks of clothes. Now picture fitting all that in two duffel bags. YEAH.

Lots of laundry and counting items, and yesterday’s late night dash to Walmart when I realized they did NOT have enough underwear between them. I sent them off with self-addressed, stamped envelopes…is it too much to expect they’ll write? Yes, probably.

On top of that:

1) It’s hot. I promise not to whine overmuch about it because we are coastal and I KNOW it’s nothing here compared to many parts of the country. Still, I don’t normally see this kind of dead, white, spend-a-few-minutes-in-the-sun-and-get-burnt heat until late August. I already have a sunburn, and we’ve only spent one day at the pool. This is not a good sign.

2) I sewed a skirt. I will model it later. It is absurdly simple and the wrong color for my palette. I should have made the pattern in black knit. I should buy black knit, but I never do because I’m an idiot who forgets about basics. I’m telling myself it’s a wearable muslin.

3) I’m trying out a new DENTIST tomorrow and oh boy….not looking forward to it. I decided to fire my dentist after having him tell me for the millionth time that my tooth pain was due to an uneven bite. When he knows that I’m prone to getting cavities under my fillings and every time I have him yank a filling, I’m right about the decay. He also tried the “uneven” bite nonsense on the Hubs who broke that tooth (due to untreated decay) three weeks later. Hmph. Anyway, I have two teeth that need work and this ain’t gonna be pretty.

4) All three kids did their summer toy purge last week. This was the damage:

I swear, I don’t know how they end up with so much crap. Some of the stuff in that paper bag actually needs to go into the garbage.

5) I am still reading a lot of trash, except I tried to switch it up with Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. Yikes. You want to talk trash? I had to stick it in the bathroom for the last 100 pages because the only way I could tolerate the overblown prose any further was in two-minute increments on the toilet. That’s a good way to get through questionable books, by the way — save them for your bathroom reading. Have just finished Woolf, am in fact quite possibly permanently done with her oeuvre (I did read Mrs. Dalloway in college as well and found it strangely unmemorable), and am considering putting my other unread classics in the bathroom.

So tell me about yourselves, chickadees. Are you sweltering? Suffering under the burden of terrible writing? Sewing anything worthwhile? Any fond memories of summer camp?

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  1. This probably won’t make you feel better, but during a sailing lesson at summer camp, my partner and I got stuck in dead air–hard to sail with no wind. And then our counsellors forgot about us for several hours while we drifted further and further away. Good times.

    • Yikes! Glad you are ok. I had my fair share of harrowing experiences at summer camp, but most of them involved boys I didn’t like. One of my notable memories is shoving someone in the pool after he surprised me with a kiss (I really hate surprises).

  2. Girl, I feel your pain. In a ham-handed attempt to grasp some cultural literacy I am attempting to reread “Atlas Shrugged” and feel about as intellectually superior as Paris Hilton on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’. I think it’s time to sack my bats and stick to People magazine this summer as obviously my brain is s-l-o-w-ly atrophying along with my metabolism and sense of decorum. Le sigh…

    • Ayn Rand is an acquired taste which I’ve failed to acquire, but that’s ok. I apply the fifty page rule — if I can’t get into it by 50 pages, out it goes. Also, some books don’t stand the test of life experience. I liked the Beat writers in college but I’m in no rush to reread On the Road, as I’m pretty sure it would annoy me now.

  3. Aww—hope they have fun! I was never allowed to go to sleepaway camp as a kid, as the local ones were all religious. /sigh. I feel you on the kid crap, though. We are starting the pre-move purge and I swear more than half the “toys” are going straight in the dumpster. And probably the rest to the thrift store. /sigh. I wish we were sweltering. This town doesn’t know how to swelter. But we have had a few pleasantly warm days.

    I generally enjoy “literature” up until the last chapter or so, at which point my intolerance for ambiguous and untidy endings makes me throw the book across the room. I haven’t been reading much of anything lately, though. 😦 someday…

    • I have a BA in English, so you would think I enjoy “literature.” Sometimes I do, but the lit I like is the stuff that vaguely fits in genre fiction — Sherlock Holmes being mystery and Alice in Wonderland being fantasy and P.G. Wodehouse’s stuff for humor. I really prefer the dregs of the literary canon.

      Modern lit that poses as “literature” is what really chaps my ass. It’s bad enough when Dickens meanders…his readers had all the time in the world and nobody knew any better. I expect authors in 2012 to know better. Hmph.

  4. Definitely not sweltering here. I’m in awe of your organisation.

  5. I can imagine it’s mixed feelings of missing them while they are away, happy for them to experience something new and happy to have a little quiet time around the house.

    So, most of the literature I’ve focused on was Canadian (go figure) but there are a few I really do like and reread from time to time. None of these fall into mystery/fantasy, so it may not be to your liking.

    Margaret Lawrence wrote a few books that overlap with the fictional town of Manawaka (based on Neepawa, MB where my husband lived until he was 7 or so). My fave’s are The Fire Dweller and The Diviners. I should revisit The Stone Angel, I hated it in grade 11 but that may have been more about the teacher and my age than the book. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Laurence

    Gabrielle Roy is French Canadian, grew up in a French suburb of Winnipeg of St Boniface. In particular her books of short stories that have a little girl as a main character – Street of Riches, the Road Past Altamont. I also read The Tin Flute in high school. I seem to remember liking it as high school (enough to pick up the other books when I was in university) but high school was a while ago. Where Nests the Waterhen – Waterhen is close to my in laws cottage.

    Rohinton Mistry lives in Canada, but is from India and writes about India and the immigration experience. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tales_from_Firozsha_Baag I found this funny, an interesting view into many apartments in the same complex through 11 short stories. I really should read his other books, I think I’ve read Tales from Firozsha Baag 3 times.

    Okay, I’ve dominated your comment section enough. I’ll go read in the corner now. 😉

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