I Sew and Fitting Happens

I have been sewing. What I have not been doing is actually making anything worth wearing. Here is Simplicity 1808, the shorts version:

Now, if you are observant, you will have noticed that this is essentially Simplicity 1887 with the shorts about two inches longer. I made this pattern because I did the 1887 version and felt like it could use a bit more length. However, I think the longer legs make the shorts fit more awkwardly, and the stretch sateen I used is probably too thick for this pattern. The entire effect over my hips is less than desirable, but I would generally wear my top over it like so:

My feeling here is kind of “meh” but I might keep them around as sort of a wearable muslin, if I can get over the way the fabric catches on my underpants and on itself. I think the pattern definitely requires a more lightweight, slippery fabric.

I made three muslins this week in an effort to see if I could recreate some jean shorts. The only one worth considering is a mashup of Built by Wendy’s carpenter jeans pattern (now OOP), Simplicity 4110, combined with Butterick 5682 for the back yoke and waistband:

The bottom is leftover twill and the waistband is a way too stretchy and lightweight poplin — I just wanted to test the fit of the pieces.

That actually looks better in the photo than I thought it did. Hmm…of course, the back is a little awkward:

The back waistband is too wavy because of the material I used, but I think I’m more concerned with the weird fabric gathering around the back seam and under my butt. Does that mean I need more fabric back there, or less?

As a muslin, this isn’t terrible but I’m not sure it’s anything to write home about either. WHY don’t pattern companies make patterns for the clothes we see in the stores? I’m sure there’s a good business reason for their refusal to acknowledge fashion, but I DON’T GET IT. Either everything has to be designer and way overcomplicated (which I do understand — that type of sewing definitely has its place) or completely dowdy and something my grandmother wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. My kingdom for the ability to use a CAG drafting program!

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  1. More under the butt at the back inseam, I think. Lord, I should be able to remember but check the lovely Sunni. Its not your calves, like mine was (the greatness of shorts is they reduce the possible leg fit issues considerably hey?). Other than the bagginess they look really good. Way better than the top one.

    PS for some reason I like the camo – pink combo. There must be something wrong with me.

    PPS I like the hat on your dressform.

    • Oh, that hat is supposed to be my sun protection but I stuck it on my dress form for the winter and now I keep forgetting it! I’m just so used to the idea that my form has a topper…

      I think you’re right about the back inseam — it’s a inner leg issue if I recall correctly. I think my old Threads article about fitting jeans explains how to fix that. Must find that article….*rummages around interwebz*

      You’re not alone in liking camo and pink. I see a lot of that color combination around here, and a lot of pink and white camo. Of course, I live in a military town and it does come with the territory!

      • I didn’t find the threads article or my fancy pants fitting book as useful as Sunni’s site (www.afashionablestitch.com). Gotta love the interwebz

  2. I’ve had good luck with the Jalie Yoga pants pattern – they fit great.

    And also pretty good luck with the Jalie Jeans pattern. They fit well, but I screwed up the zipper, which is not Jalie’s fault. (I’m just learning how to do a zipper fly.) I can wear the pair I made with along t-shirt – LOL!

    Oh, and the jeans have to be made using a fabric that has some stretch to it. There’s posts on the web from other bloggers that made the Jalie jeans – here’s one:

    • I never make pants out of non-stretch wovens anyway, and I keep hearing about these Jalie jeans. I might have to bite the bullet and get that pattern! The yoga pants sound good too, but I am not really a yoga pants person. I want to be — I just keep feeling like I forgot to get dressed and am wearing my pajamas out of doors.

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