Fabric Hate

I’ve had a frustrating week, creatively speaking.

1) I tried to make a Renfrew out of two cheap t-shirts. That did not work, partly because the material was too cheap and nasty but also because I tried to make the V-neck view and let’s just say….it has a steep learning curve.

2) I tried to make a t-shirt from my TNT pattern (New Look 6735) and the material was so shiny, scratchy and nasty that after two different machines chewed on it, I decided to take that as an omen and bin it. The print is cute and I still have quite a bit, but no idea how to use it. It will NOT take a crease, is impossible to press, and is slightly sheer.

3) I started cutting out a shorts pattern from this fabric today:

I don’t think I like this material either. It is a medium weight stretch sateen with a satiny surface that has a slightly rough feel under the satin. It collects fuzz like crazy. It also has ginormous flowers on a black/gray/cream background, and the flowers are of the size and style that invariably look obscene in the wrong place. You know what I mean. I have to cut it very carefully, and the whole time I can feel the rougher weave underneath the satin surface. AAAAAGH. I just creeped myself out describing that.

I find the shorts pattern rather disagreeable as well. I’m annoyed by shorts that expect me to do a full fly front treatment for material that is lighter weight than denim or twill.

(Your homework activity for today: Say “full fly front treatment” three times fast. Whee! That was fun.)

4) One of my former bullies from high school started following me on Pinterest. Ok, that one is just weird. I’m positive he’s not looking for crafty tips. Maybe he needs to prove to himself how dorky I still am? But then, who collects ammunition to use against someone they see, at best, twice a year? I am baffled. BAFFLED, I TELL YOU.

Anyhow, my sewing mojo has gone completely to hell and it’s all the fault of my whimsical fabric buying habits. I am going to exercise restraint from now on! I will confine myself to jerseys and twills! I will purchase better quality in much smaller quantities!

P.S., I gave myself this pep talk before. I didn’t listen then either.


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  1. A little while ago I divested myself of a bunch of awful stash fabrics, donating them to 2nd hand shops. More recently I have been organising my sewing room and imagine my surprise at finding some of those same fabrics mysteriously back in my cupboard. Now that’s creepy!

    If the machines eat it I say bin it. Definintely 🙂

  2. I am a cheap thing. I know it. My husband finally said to me while I was waffling and fondling a fabric for the 3rd time in one shopping trip, ‘Why don’t you buy 1 piece that deserves your efforts.’ I decked him of course, but it did make sense.

  3. Just about the only thing I don’t like about Pinterest is the inability to block people from following you. Like your high school bully, or one right wing christian psycho that is following me. She is everything I am against (at least according to what she pins and her comments), and I hate the idea that she has any access to anything I pin. Petty and small of me, yes it is. I just wish I could block her and others like her.

  4. Grrr. Poopy fabric. Your fabric always looks totally cool—I definitely get why you buy it! I had to force myself to walk away from a really cool blue plaid at the thrift store today. There was quite a bit of it, and I loved the colour, and it had a bit of stretch, but the feel was this awful nasty synthetic-scratchy-rough thing and I just knew that a) I’d hate to wear it, and b) it would pill like crazy.

    But the colour was great…

    • Oh yes, the scratchy-on-the-bolt fabric is to be avoided every time! What kills me is the stuff that looks great on the bolt, feels nice, but then you get it home and wash it….and it’s an epic fail. Thank goodness I don’t usually pay enough to stress over the waste if I decide to get rid of it.

  5. It’s so hard to pass up what looks cute and is super cheap, I get it entirely.

    I also suspect it breeds when we’re not looking. I don’t feel like I bought that much fabric…

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