Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Am I quoting a song here? I have the distinct impression that I am, but I could be hallucinating.

I did sew another skirt last week, this one from Simplicity 5101 (long since OOP). 5101 is a juniors pattern, and features elastic-waist pleated skirts. It is also super-comfy so I made one out of jersey:

I didn’t bother to stitch the pleats down because jersey has the tendency to fall back into place when you sit down/stand up. I made this in the largest size (15/16) and I feel like I could go down a size in the front, but that might just be because of the forgiving nature of the material. This stuff only has two-way stretch, so it’s not great for super-fitted clothing but it’s very comfortable otherwise. I also wanted to make a skirt because the main background of this material is cream and cream has a tendency to make me look like I’m carrying the Black Death. Keeping it away from my face is best. However, I couldn’t pass up the rows of roses in varying stages of decay….very Snow White and the Huntsman, I think.

I did the waistband and hem with my coverstitch machine and I really like the way it turned out:

See how neat and (almost) professional? If I could just get it a little closer to the edge….

Anyhow, this is a bit shorter than I really prefer (and I know I’m getting old because I’m starting to want to LENGTHEN my skirts) so I don’t know if I’ll make more like this or if I’ll try to add some inches to the pattern.

The kids have two more days of school and I’m barely able to focus myself. I have a few other projects in the pipeline, but I keep pushing them back because HELLO SUN and NO MORE HOMEWORK. Dirty little secret of adulthood #2543: the school calendar still holds way too much sway over our lives. Who doesn’t feel renewed and ready for growth in September? I rest my case.


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  1. You can’t claim to be getting old if you don’t remember Nat King Cole’s [Roll Out ]Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer!
    But it is a very cute skirt.

  2. That looks like a very comfy and easy breezy skirt. I like it.

    And there you go, showing off your sexy leg again! Sex-ay!! 😉

  3. Love it. It’s a good use for a fabric you love but can’t really wear near your face.

  4. I love it, you make me laugh, “I couldn’t pass up the rows of roses in varying stages of decay”. I am going to giggle all day. Thanks

    • I like dead roses and I can not lie…. This is one of those “I’m so goth I sh*t bats,” moments.

      Actually, I think it might be tied to my childhood home. We had rosebushes in the front yard and they would die and pepper the ground with petals, which I collected to make perfume and witch spells. I would leave these concoctions hidden in jars in my room where my mother would find them when they went rotten. Yes, I was a very trying child.

  5. Cute!

    Also, I was going to ask why, in the background of the first picture, you have your TV upside down. But I think it’s probably just a box, not you doing headstands during the evening news.

    • Bwah, it is indeed the box. How embarrassing is it that this TV has been in our house for…oh, at least 3 or 4 years now and the box is still hanging around being used as a shelf.

      No, I know. We’re RECYCLING!

  6. I like this skirt too, ’tis indeed cute. Oh, and go the coverstitching. BTW I can’t get mine to stitch near the edge either and if I try I end up missing and having to pull it out and re-do. I say its the machine that won’t do it right. You know? Me? Nope, definitely the machine.

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