Sci Fi Sunday — Couch Surfing Edition

Thanks for all the well wishes on my last post! I think the ear is healing (it seems better anyway) and the swelling has gone down enough that I don’t feel tempted to cut my head in half. Of course, I spent most of the weekend being a laze-about and discovered a new show. Yesterday, I subjected the Hubs to an entire marathon of Oddities on the Science Channel:


See these folks? Their names are (from left to right): Mike, Evan and Ryan and they can find anything for you. Their specialties are antique and vintage items with a gruesome or macabre bent. You want a deformed baby ostrich in a jar? An eighteenth century engraving of bloodletting? A genuine shrunken head? They got it, or can get it for a price. Along the way, they introduce the viewers to their clients (almost as odd as the items they’re collecting) and an assortment of artists and carnival types who are happy to show off their talents for a national audience. There was a guy who swallows balloons — while inflated — and someone who walks on glass. I was completely diverted by the show and now I totally want to meet Mike, Evan and Ryan. I’d like to hire them to redecorate, but I think the Hubs might have some choice words about that, along the lines of airborne swine and spherical ice crystals in hot places.

Also currently watching:

Battle Royale Poster

Ok, remember when I reviewed the book Battle Royale here and suggested it was worth the time for sci fi fans? The same can not be said of the movie. I watched it with the Hubs and had to keep explaining things. “It’s different in the book; no, I don’t know why they did that; I’m not sure what the point was; they don’t show it but here’s the back story….” Basically, if you’ve read the book and are curious about the movie? Go ahead and watch because it’ll make some sense to you. If you haven’t read the book, don’t bother. You’ll be lost from the get-go.

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  1. I’ve caught a couple of episodes of Oddities, it’s well named. And a bit like a train wreck where you just can’t stop watching even if you want to look away.
    I’m glad to hear you are seeing improvement with your ear.

  2. ODDities looks awesome! I’ve always that it was interesting that so many people crave the creepy in their lives…

    Hope the ear keeps improving!

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