Back Soon!

I have an ear infection, and the entire left side of my head is swollen, inflamed and stuffed up.  I’ll be back after the weekend, or whenever I run out of home remedies to shove in my ear.

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  1. Oh god that is awful. You poor thing – hope the head and ears get back to normal forthwith.

  2. Youch! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. eek! Get the dvd sets ready and take it easy.

  4. Ouch! Ear infections can be so painful. I hope it clears up quickly.

  5. oh, I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well. Take your meds and get better soon.

  6. Yikes! That’s dreadful. Hope you are back to YOU as soon as possible! Sending healthy thoughts your way. 😘

  7. Feel better! I sympathize- I had years of horrible repeating ear infections as a child, which finally stopped when I had my adenoids out and tubes put in my ears. Hope the drugs work soon!!

    • I should have had ear tubes and at bare minimum, my tonsils out, but it never happened and most doctors don’t like to do those kinds of surgery on an adult. I consider it a good year when I only have one massive flare-up.

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