Me-Made-May, Day 30 — Almost Finished!

Tomorrow is the last day of MMM, and good thing too. I’ve had trouble finding things to wear, largely because I’ve gained weight this month and most of my favorite makes don’t currently fit. It’s frustrating, but such is life. I’ll have more insight into the Me-Made experience tomorrow. Here’s today’s outfit:

Top: Old Navy polo, with me-added patch

Bottoms: Me-made black pleated skirt with red plaid insets, adapted from Simplicity 5101 (juniors pattern).

This is an old outfit, made back in my super-goth days when I desperately wanted a black and plaid pleated skirt from Hot Topic but couldn’t fit into any of them. I was not a great seamstress, so I used an elastic waist, drop yoke pattern for this skirt but that turned out to be a good thing. I have worn this skirt for AGES, through several weight fluctuations. I’m actually considering making more of them because they’re very much throw-on and go dressing. I do recommend edge-stitching the pleats, however, unless you really like tweaking your skirt back into place every time you stand up.

The copious amounts of zebra in the background are because one of my friends is having a zebra-themed party this Saturday. I spent $30 on fabric and I’m about to give up and go buy something because half of this stuff is too silky, and the other half is too stiff. My sewing mojo does not like these conundrums and runs away whimpering when I try to force it.


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  1. I like the skirt – need to figure out the edge stitching pleats thing though it’ll make sense when I one day get around to sewing a skirt with pleats!

    Good idea to buy something for the party…. Sounds too hard to be fun. :o)

    • Edgestitching is just putting a line of stitching about 1/8″ from the edge of the pleats. I like doing it to both the inside and outside edges of the pleats, then when I move around they tend to fall back into place. I have some RTW clothing with pleats I’m constantly adjusting — no thanks.

      I did an appliqué on a shirt for the party. I could have bought a dress but the only places that carry zebra print clothes are teen oriented and umm….yeah, skintight knits aren’t really my thing.

  2. That’s so much fun. May is a long month, I can totally see being MMM out.

    Sometimes constraints can help the sewing process and sometimes it just gets bogged down. No need to fight it, this is suppose to be enjoyable.

    • Theoretically, I like the idea of making rules for myself. In reality, the minute I make a rule, my brain is trying to figure out how to break it. My personality and rules don’t really get along….

  3. I really like that skirt. And yes, elastic waist for the win!! I say that as I am having trouble fitting into any of my clothes right now as I can’t seem to keep food from constantly jumping down my pie hole.

    So . . . zebra what, exactly? Are you making costumes? Favors? What were you tasked with creating for the party? Oh, FACEPALM, I get it. You were making an outfit for YOU to wear. I am very bright. :-/

    • Ha, I don’t know what I would make for accessories since there are about 40 people coming to this party and it’s mixed gender. Bow ties?

      Elastic waists and knits make life so much easier. It’s avoiding the frumpy look with elastic that I find to be a challenge….

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