Projects, Me-Mades, and My Usual Mess

I haven’t been around as much because the end of the school year is upon us, and with it the usual rounds of carnivals, open houses, concerts and meetings. I expect no relief until school actually lets out over the third week in June. I’m reading all your blogs and loving them, just can’t comment as often!

Thursday’s Me-Made was a little bit of a cheat. I had to take the car in for an oil change, and our favorite place has an outdoor waiting room. On the coldest day of the month. So I wore my Christopher Webb jeans and several layers for most of the day, then changed in the afternoon right before we went to Open House for our two middle school students:

Top: Target Mossimo sweater, Gap Outlet tank top

Bottoms: Me-made Bird Sh*t Skirt

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

Shoes: Doc Martens 8-eye 1460 boots

Friday, I spent shuttling people back and forth since two of our kids had a minimum day and Oldest was leaving on a retreat. When not in the car, this is what I wore:

Top: Old Navy Perfect T-shirt

Bottoms: Me-Made skirt, New Look 6083

Belt: Gap Outlet

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

I wore my Doc Martens but took them off before this picture. The cat was sitting on my lap so you’ll have to imagine all the cat hair you could see in closeup.

Today, I spent my time doing a number of projects. First off, I needed a skirt for an event on Sunday and this was the best option:

Unfortunately, that cute little tulle ruffle on the bottom? Tends to cling to the legs and cause the entire thing to ride up in spectacularly unattractive fashion. Twenty minutes with a seam ripper, scissors and an iron gave me this:

Less cute but ultimately, more functional. Anyway, it’ll do for this weekend.

I also altered these jeans:

Get a load of that back waist gap and super long legs!

I put elastic in the back, which I discussed in a blog tutorial here. That fixed the back waist gap, but thanks to this denim being particularly inclined to ravel, I added a few sections of 1/4″ Steam-a-Seam to each side of the inside waistband cut. This is what that looked like:

With those in place, it was a simple matter of sealing the seam before I sewed it up.

I also used the standard hemming technique that preserves the original jeans hem. I could do a tutorial, but there’s dozens of them all over the web so I’ll just leave you with the results:

Much better!

I can use this as a Me-Made for this week, right?  I’m a day short….
Top: Gap Outlet
Bottoms: Old Navy jeans, size 8L, altered to fit
State of sewing room: appalling
So, I spent the rest of the day working on THIS:

Say hello to the RENFREW.

I traced out the pattern pieces in full instead of on the fold, because I HATE trying to get knits to line up on the fold. And this lovely white material? Is the special pattern tracing stuff they sell at JoAnns in the interfacing section. It’s like interfacing without glue. It is AMAZING. Easy to see through, traces like a dream, clings to the fabric and doesn’t move, hard to tear…and you can fold it on the grain line and match it to the pattern grain exactly. I don’t know where this stuff has been all my life, but I think I’m in love.
More Renfrew adventures to come soon!

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  1. Good skirts, especially the bird ‘sh*t’ one. I really should wear more skirts but spend my life in jeans. Oh well, nothing stopping me sewing I guess, though not sure my legs are in a fit state for display….

    I’m very interested to see how you get on with the renfrew as I assumed it wouldn’t be a very good shape for my long rectangular shape but I could be wrong.

    BTW what’s an open house? Sounds daunting somehow.

    • PS meant to say that its amazing how quick the pink washed out of your hair. I love how you colour it cool colours. My kids thought you looked like a mermaid by the way. Anyone with pink hair must be a mermaid…..Didn’t you know?

      • Whee, I’m a mermaid! Yes, sadly all bright colors are semi-permanent and wash out in full over about 2-3 weeks. Pink is particularly hard to maintain.

    • Open House is just where they show you what your kids have been doing all year. It’s a lot of wandering around classrooms, praising projects and greeting teachers. A lot less daunting than Back to School Night, where they tell you what your children will be expected to do all year!

      I think the Renfrew would work well with a long rectangular shape, and you definitely should sew skirts. I’m sure your legs are fine for display, unless you’re a zombie and actually sloughing skin….then maybe not. But I’m biased because I live in a location where the heat for part of the year reduces options to bare legs or die. So everyone wears shorts or whatever and we all move on….

  2. You definetly look much better in a skirt than jeans!!

  3. Yeah, those jeans look great on you now! Great fix. Also, that skirt is adorable. I loved the tulle, but it’s unfortunate it rode up. Is there any way to fix it so that the tulle doesn’t ride up? Maybe put a lining in it? This is obviously coming from someone who knows NOTHING about sewing or fixing things. Anyway, it’s a cute skirt regardless.

    • The tulle was already attached to an inner lining — I suppose I could reattach it to the skirt itself, so that the lining prevents it from rubbing against my legs. But I think I’m a bit old for the tulle look anyhow, and I don’t want to do the extra work on a $3.50 skirt.

  4. Seraphinalina

    Function wins over cuteness sometimes, riding up is less than cute.

    The concept of only having an outdoor waiting area is baffling to my Canadian brain.

    • Haha, yes, we do live in an area with mild winters but we have our rain squalls too. It’s actually a great time to get your oil changed, assuming you don’t mind wandering around the tiny cashier’s area for forty minutes.

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