Be A Duck

Actual conversation in my house last night, while I was running around barking contradictory orders at the kids:

The Hubs: Be. A. Duck.

Me: Uh–what?

TH: Like how water rolls off a ducks back? You should try that. Be a duck; they’re always calm, paddling around and quacking.

Me: How would you know? Ducks don’t have a lot of capacity for facial expression. Maybe they’re actually freaking out.

TH: Yeah, maybe that’s what it’s like to be a duck. The universe is against me and I can’t move my face!


Alright, so I can still move my face and I’m not a duck but I’m pretty sure the universe is against me anyway. And I didn’t do Me-Made-May today because I had to show up at school for an awards thing, and I was trying to find the least violent outfit in my closet (I wore my Zombies in Wonderland t-shirt so….I’m pretty sure I failed at THAT but I also wore a feminine skirt, so I’m just going to argue they cancelled each other out). Here’s what I threw on yesterday for MMM, Day 21:

Top: Refashioned band tee + Kohls juniors tee

Skirt: Me-made, New Look 6083, blogged about two posts ago

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

Shoes: Doc Martens 1460 8-eye boots

Yes, that’s my laundry room and that’s me feeling put-upon.


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  1. Ahh, the tragic laundry pose. I know it well! 🙂

  2. I’ve often used teflon in the let it slide metaphor. Also works for people who seem generally incompetent at work but manage to fail upwards (i.e. you aren’t bad enough for me to fire but if you want to apply to the division within the company that makes you not my problem, sure, I’ll let you go).

    You know if we want to teach our kids to figure out who they are and have confidence in that rather than doing whatever everyone else is doing, you’d think there would be some leeway for parents to wear zombie shirts with skirts.

    • Isn’t the incompetence thing known as the Peter Principle? People that keep getting promoted past their ability level.

      I find that most parents only want their kids to figure out who they are as long as that “who” is in accordance with the parents’ expectations. It’s all very well for a child to discover that they are a master chess player or a talented writer, but the kid who wants to explore their dark side or their sexuality has an uphill battle ahead of them. And the adults who model “abnormal” behavior generally don’t get a good reception either. We’re bad examples, ya know.

  3. LOL. I don’t know what ducks you have around there, but the ones we have here (mallards, mostly) always sound *pissed*. I mean, Canada Geese honking isn’t the friendliest sound in the world, but the ducks really sound like someone peed in their cornflakes.

    I am really fighting the urge to show up to my next school meeting in a tank top and Daisy Dukes. I commend you on your restraint. 😉

    • “Peed in their cornflakes,” that’s a new one for me! Our local ducks are overfed and lackadaisical. They’re probably calm because they know they’ll be stuffed with bread everyday by enthusiastic schoolchildren.

      I can understand the tank top and Daisy Dukes, but wouldn’t it be a mite cold in your weather? 😉

  4. Huh. I thought I had it bad, but I guess it could be worse. After all, the world could be against me *and* I can’t move my face! (Like a duck. Or Joan Rivers.)

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