Me-Made-May and Other Good Things Not Beginning with M

This is what happens when I don’t post for too long; the backlog becomes unbearable and I must spit it all out at once. Oops. In my defense, the kids had their school carnival on Friday and I came home exhausted. This is what I wore on Friday, Me-Made-May day 18:

Top: Sweatshirt from Target, T-shirt from Hot Topic

Bottoms: Butterick 5682, View A, blogged about here

Socks: Hanes ankle

Shoes: Converse All-Star low magenta with snap tongue

Friday’s challenge was green. As much as I like the color green, I generally don’t wear it due to being rather sallow. Even a hint of yellow undertones is bad on me. However, there are green accents on this t-shirt and the sweatshirt is teal, which I suppose could be considered a shade of green. Close enough.

Also, since someone was asking what the snap tongue on my shoes looked like, I thought I’d show rather than tell:


Hopefully, that makes it a bit clearer….

Anyhow, Saturday I had to get up early to drive Oldest to a Scout event in a city 45 minutes away. And he had to be there by 7 am. OY. So, I consoled myself by planning out breakfast at Starbucks and a trip to M & L’s Discount Fabric Store, luckily close by.

M & L’s is a strange place. First of all, a lot of the staff are Eastern European and don’t speak English. The ones who do speak English are exceedingly cranky; God help you if you want assistance. I’ve always gotten my fabric cut by hand signals. The prices and selection are all over the map, although I will say that the nice stuff is super-expensive and the $1-$3 per yard fabric is generally nasty. They have a good quilting selection and they are THE place to go if you need bridal or prom fabric — everything is in house and it’s all color-matched. Generally, I go for the $2.98 knits in the back room and the Kwik Sew patterns (always 20% off). So here’s what I picked up:

The two knits are jersey, which I’m saving up because….(deep breath) I bought a Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic! It is on it’s way to me now, and hopefully won’t get hung up in customs or anything like that. I CAN NOT WAIT!

Sunday and today, I spent working on a pair of sweat shorts. I used the leftover material from this sweatshirt, and the pattern from these pajama shorts. I knew the rise would be too high, so I took out two inches in back, tapering to four inches in front. They’re pretty comfortable but definitely just knock-around shorts:

Me-Made-May, Day 21 (today):

This painting hangs on the wall of our dining room. One of the Hubs’ friends is a painter/poet who was inspired by me reading one of his poems, and painted this. I bought it because it reminds me of the inside of a Tardis, and that makes me happy.

Top: Fangbanger T-shirt from Hot Topic

Shorts: Me-made, blogged about on this post

Here’s the back view:

I put a pocket on the back so it would look less like I am wandering around in my pajamas.

I apologize for not keeping up with Sci Fi Sundays, but Me-Made-May has been taking up a LOT of my time. I actually have a HUGE Sci Fi post to share with you guys, but I don’t want to post it during the week and have it get lost in the shuffle. Maybe we can do that next Sunday?


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  1. Ah… so that’s what snap tongue is. Thanks for taking the pictures, I get it now and I have never owned a pair of shoes like that.

    I like the painting too, that’s pretty cool. We don’t have much real art in our house, more photographs and needlework (not mine, but my MIL and a friend of my husbands family). It’s the kind of thing I should care more about and don’t think to do anything about it.

    MMM is quite the commitment for documentation, Sci-Fi posts can wait.

    • I am terrible at decorating and only make a point of buying something if I fall in love, like with this painting. We actually have a system of interior decoration where the Hubs goes shopping, forwards me pictures of stuff on his phone, and I give thumbs up or thumbs down. Otherwise we would NEVER buy furniture, or appliances or anything because I don’t care all that much.

      MMM is kicking my butt….

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