A New Skirt, Like the Old Skirt, and Me-Made-May

Oops, I actually gave you that title in reverse. We’re gonna do MMM first.

Me-Made-May, Day 16:

This IS my kitchen when it’s clean.

Top: H & M

Bottoms: Sailor shorts, Kwik Sew 3854, blogged here

Socks: Hanes ankle

Shoes: Converse All-Stars in Magenta with snap tongue

I don’t have any shoes in navy, and I’m from the “no navy with black” generation — yes, I know all that advice is hopelessly outdated now but do you know how hard it is to fight against years of cultural brainwashing?!? So, I opted to add a pop of color with these magenta sneaks. I bought them on a whim because I LOVE the color and I was getting sick of black shoes; however, it’s a challenge to deploy them sometimes. I think they work as a foil to all that NAVY.

Me-Made-May, Day 17:

Yay, bathroom again.  It was dark by the time I got around to pictures, and this really is the brightest room in the house.

Top: Threadless, http://www.threadless.com

Bottoms: Jean skirt with stars, New Look 6083, blogged at — wait, I HAVEN’T blogged this yet! I’ll get back to it shortly.

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

Shoes: Doc Martens 1460 8-eye

So, I bought 5 yards of this fabric. I fell in love with it and was planning an entire wardrobe of bottoms — pants, skirt, maybe even shorts. I mean, how awesomely goth/punk is that star print? The first clue I had that things might be a bit of a challenge was laying out the skirt pattern….yeah, and all those stars? Not so easy to line up. I managed to do ok on the pockets and sides, but completely flubbed the front and back seams. Oh well, I decided to think of it as one of those, “RTW never does this right anyway” moments. I still have a lot of fabric and I still want to do the pants, but it may take some serious work to lay them out. Here’s the front in close-up:

You can see the awkwardness at the front seam. I don’t think the back is quite as bad:

Ok, maybe it’s as bad. Yikes. Ignore the creases, please; I’d been sitting on this all day.

Now, I’ve made New Look 6083 about 5 times (it’s the pattern I used here) and some of my older skirts have a tendency to pull up at the back, so I made the back in a 14 and the front in a 12. I had to take in the sides by an extra 1/8″ because of this adjustment and because this twill, although thick, is VERY stretchy. It seems to work as far as fixing the swayback pull, but then it makes everything large in the waist. I did put in a slightly thicker, curvier waistband to compensate but the fact is, this is never going to be my most flattering skirt pattern. I just like the almost-a-jean-skirt style enough to wear it a lot, and it’s a great pattern option for all of those thick, fancy twills. I wish pattern companies would come out with more attractive options for heavy fabric — not all of us want to spend most of our lives in poly charmeuse, grrr!

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  1. I agree . . . NO BLACK AND NAVY. I don’t care what’s hip or cool, I cannot stomach it. Just, no. So, I like the magenta with the navy. Very fashionable.

    Yeah, the pattern of that skirt is pretty rad, but the seams look wonky. I’m just agreeing with you, so don’t hit me! 🙂

    • Everybody’s got that ONE friend who didn’t get the “Lie to me” memo, right? You’re not supposed to be honest, Misty! Bwahaha.

  2. I have a shoe question, what is a snap tongue? I like the magenta with navy very much and like you, I’m hesitant on black/navy. I don’t have much navy in my closet so it’s not much of an issue, but it feels like when I do wear navy, I’m not quite getting it right.

  3. Yes, exactly — I never get navy right. I wonder if that’s the reason I’ve gravitated towards black all those years? I know I can match black!

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