McCall 6566 Fail, and a Me-Made-May Catch Up!

Yes, I have been sewing and not just playing the model! However, this is not a success:

McCall 6566, View D

It doesn’t look so bad from the front, but the back has a wrap opening that gapes if I move my shoulders an iota out of turn. You can see it here:

It really is that deep of a V in the back.

I made the small (8-10) since I’m in between a 10 and 12 in the bust and I knew the top had extra ease. However, I’m pretty sure I could easily fit into an extra small.  On the other hand, the back detailing would probably drive me crazy one way or another, so  I can honestly say don’t bother with View D. I may or may not try again with one of the other views.

Me-Made-May, Day 12

I had to take a Saturday photo, so I could get my 5 days in last week.

Top: David and Goliath

Bottoms: Bird Sh*t Skirt, New Look 6873 blogged about here

Socks: Hanes ankle

Shoes: Converse All-Star low with girly skulls

Me-Made-May, Day 14

By our front door, you can see the storage unit with part of our impressive Nerf arsenal.

Top: Threadless (

Bottoms: Me-made black shorts, McCall 6328 View F, blogged here

Socks: Hanes ankle

Shoes: Converse All-Star double tongue with studs

Me-Made-May, Day 15

In the hall between our dining room and family room. Those French doors open onto an utterly useless cement patio.

Top: Plaid shirt is Target Mossimo, white t-shirt is H & M

Bottom: Me-made stewardess skirt, frankensteined from two different patterns, blogged here

Socks: Hanes crew

Shoes: Doc Martens 1460 8-eye boots

This was one of my “Oh crap, I have to get dressed,” outfits. I literally just threw it on this morning because it was cold, then hot then cold again. Typical May weather around here.

I haven’t done any Sci Fi Sunday/Monday reviews in a while because I’ve been catching up on other reading and watching. So far, I am on the second disc of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and I think I’m going to have to stop. I can deal with the violence, but the completely unrealistic blood spatter — hello, nobody loses that much blood and lives. Especially back then. Idiots. And there’s the really bad sex…as in, you’re painfully aware the actors are not actually having sex because the angle is all wrong and they’re moving too fast (am I the only person who complains about unrealistic sex in non-porn scenarios? Probably). I’m pretty sure Roman gladiators were not familiar with the expression, “bang him like a screen door in a hurricane,” but it seems unfortunately apt. Even so, I could probably handle all of that if not for  THE ANGST. OMFG, THE ANGST. Everything is so intense that I think I might have a heart attack just from watching. I always finish an episode and want to lie down because I’m EXHAUSTED. I’m all for good quality drama, but some folks need to tone it down a bit.

So, what’s new with you, my chickadees?


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  1. I love that you sew practical, but its so fun. Major shoe envy abounds. Nerf envy too, of course.

  2. I like that we are getting a tour of your house, one picture/me-made-day at a time. 🙂

    Also, agree with the shoe envy. My court shoes are SOOOOO boring! (As is my hair . . . yeah, still jealous). :p

    • My office heels were terribly boring as well. Not to mention that as a clerk, I had to be on my feet all day — so they were very nearly orthopedic shoes! I was channeling granny fashion before those hipsters ever heard of it.

  3. So Sparticus is no Rome, eh? Oh there were some good shoulders in Rome… It’s comments like that which result in my husband making fun of me. And I’d be annoyed with bad sex too, it’s not entertaining if you are trying to figure out how tab A fits in slot B. If you’re going to film it, then do it right. Otherwise hint and make it off screen.

    Like Misty, I’m loving the tour through MMM.

    • Ooh, I’ll have to check out Rome then! Spartacus does have some magnificent bodies — including one male full-frontal that shocked me a bit — but you’re never allowed to forget that these people are slaves and don’t have bodily autonomy. It makes the nudity less appealing and somewhat more gut-churning.

      • Oh yes indeed, great plot, very engaging, but mm, yeah, ,good shoulders. I can’t find good pictures, but you see some lovely muscles (but not body builder 0% fat which I don’t find attractive) at work (generally swinging a sword). Ray Stevenson is in Thor (and will be in Thor 2) but under so much wig I didn’t even recognize him until my husband pointed it out.

        I’ve heard about the male slave nudity in Sparticus, but from a guy’s point of view. It was more factual and the circumstances but it still left me wondering if that was a good thing or not. Not really a question I wanted to pose to a guy.

  4. My friend has just bought a Golf Convertible – when she picks it up next month, we’re having a drive-by Nerf shooting lol!!!
    I’m having nightmares with this MMM business lol – all I seem to wear is scruffy t shirts with a skirt, or today, a scruffy me made top with a ripped skirt because I am such a bloody slob!

    • That may be the BEST reason for buying a convertible I’ve ever heard!

      Eh, some days I wear my version of scruffy t-shirts too. I think the best thing about MMM is that it forces you to get more comfortable with your makes, and then you can evaluate what you need to suit your closet and your style. Do you need more skirts? More pants? Do you prefer to sew tops or bottoms? More casual or flashy? It’s a good mental exercise.

  5. Any MMM for me would be another picture of socks. One of my goals for the summer; start sewing again. I must find more black material, however.
    And yes. Shoe envy.
    How is the patio useless?

    • Well, it’s tucked into the side of the house, so it doesn’t get much sun and there’s no view except the high side fence. It tends to be a bit chilly, and the French doors are too awkward to use as a regular entrance/exit. I think it was an architectural conceit, poorly executed.

      Hey, if you knit that TOTALLY COUNTS! You made the socks, so they’re me-made. Now go forth and wear them with pride because I weep with envy at you knitters.

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