Me-Made-May ’12, Day 11 — Hair Apparent

Ok, so I didn’t get a MMM post done yesterday because I was dyeing my hair — and I’m not about to mess up my good clothes with dye! Here’s the result:

The lighting was bad…I did clean up the bookshelf, though.  A little.

Top: By artist Jaime Zollars, via Felt Club LA a few years back (I linked to her without permission — if she asks, I will need to take it down but her stuff is AWESOME and I wanted to share)

Belt: Gap Outlet

Skirt — me-made McCall’s 5429, blogged about here

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

Shoes: Dirty Laundry boots

Hair Color: Jerome Russell Punky Color in Flamingo Pink

I wanted a lighter pink, so I didn’t leave the color on as long as I should have and it is bleeding out pretty quickly. We’ll see how it develops, but I may need to try a different brand in order to get the shade of pink I want. Still, it’s a nice fun color! Jerome Russell lasts a bit longer than most of the other bright color dyes I’ve tried, but I wash my hair every day (thanks to working out) so the color only tends to stay for 2-3 weeks on me.

I seem to have injured my knee on the treadmill this morning so I ended up changing the boots halfway through the day for my Docs, which don’t have a heel. I love the style of these boots but they may not be the best thing for my feet.

I haven’t done a Friday Headbanging video in SO long, but when I went back through my archives, I realized some of the videos had been yanked by Youtube. I understand the copyright concerns but it’s still really frustrating. I decided that it won’t stop me from posting videos, but I won’t go back and update if something gets pulled. So here’s what’s on my playlist this week:



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  1. I love this combination. I also envy the haircolor.

  2. Love the hair!! I so wish I had a career in which I could color my hair funky colors.

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