Black is the New Black — Me-Made-May ’12, Days 8 and 9

It’s been a hectic week so far, and not likely to let up anytime soon. My outfit on Tuesday:

At the front door

Sweater: Target Mossimo

Tank top: Gap Outlet

Shorts: Me-made, Simplicity 1887, blogged about here

Socks: Hanes ankle

Shoes: Converse All-star double tongue with studs

If I were truly dressing up, I would have worn this outfit with sandals. However, there’s still a touch of chill in the air (particularly in the morning) and I was just running errands and hanging around the house so Converse were my choice. This outfit is a tad dressier than I wear for my day-to-day life, but part of doing Me-Made-May was changing up my style a bit. I still fall back on black when I’m rushed, though.

Today I wore this:

Yes, that bookshelf is way overloaded. It will be cleaned SOON. *crosses fingers*

Top: Fangbanger t-shirt from Hot Topic (fans of True Blood will recognize this logo)

Bottom: me-made skirt, Simplicity 4963/0699, blogged about here

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

Shoes: Doc Martens 8-eye 1460 greasy black boots

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that I have two different skirts out of this fabric. It’s a stiff twill with skulls that I bought off Ebay (two yards of it). I got into a bidding war and paid slightly over $16 for the fabric, but I think I got my money’s worth. My hair is a mess here because I’ve been shoving it out of my face all day. I have some serious decluttering to do — as you can see — and have already pulled some books off the shelf and started a pile. At least I know what I’m doing tomorrow (sigh). Hopefully I can fit some sewing into the day also.


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  1. Black is my defacto color of choice as well. Actually, every suit that I wear is either black or dark grey. I lighten them up with colorful blouses/shirts underneath, but yep. Black.

    I think that bookcase looks completely neat and organized. Can you imagine now what my whirlwind hellhole of a house looks like? My garage is like an episode of hoarders. Sigh.

    • I have this thing about books stacked on top of books — drives me crazy. I’d rather have a few books I really enjoy rather than a lot of one-time reads I rarely use.

      Our garage was hideous until the Hubs bought brackets and put everything on the walls. Especially the kids’ bikes and sporting equipment….getting everything off the floor was a huge help.

  2. I have the same book shelves as you. It’s full but not rediculously so.

  3. You can still see the wal behind the bookcase. It is actually pretty much empty.
    Now we know why I dread moving.

    • OH, GOD ME TOO. We moved here 10 years ago and every time we discuss moving again, we end up talking about converting the loft or building an addition. Because that kind of major renovation would be less traumatic than packing up the entire freaking house.

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