But Not For Me — Me-Made-May ’12, Day 7

There’s an old song by Gershwin called “But Not For Me,” which I used to love as a kid (and still do):

They’re writing songs of love — but not for me.

A lucky star’s above — but not for me.

With love to lead the way

I’ve found more clouds of gray,

Than any Russian play could guarantee…”

Anyway, don’t worry — I’m not mooning over unrequited love. I’m mooning over not being able to SEW — or rather, having to sew….but not for me. Here I am today:

Cutting out a vest for a costume

Top: Threadless (www.threadless.com), The Curse of the Care-Were

Bottoms: Me-made jeans, Butterick 5682 View A, worn last week and blogged about here

Socks: Hanes ankle cut

I really like these jeans turned up at the cuff. I think this is a much more chic way to wear them. And if you are wondering what I’ve been working on:

Costume for Oldest — Thomas More, author of Utopia. Not pictured is one of my old detailed leather belts he will wear over the shirt/vest combo.

Cost of materials – $10

Approximate number of man-hours – 5, due to having to make trousers from scratch but luckily no hand-sewing


Costume for Middlest — Greek general Themistocles. I have no idea what Themistocles wore, so I used a generic Greek soldier picture from online. Not sure if it could also be confused for a Roman costume, since the costumes in Spartacus: Blood and Sand look similar.

Cost for materials: $25 (I used 4 brand-new t-shirts and the cost has gone up a lot, plus brand new red material for the cape)

Amount of man-hours: 12 (considerable amount of adjusting, trimming and hand-sewing)

The knowledge that we’re done with Night At the Museum (school event) for another year: PRICELESS

I’ll be modeling more creative outfits later this week — today was all about the utilitarian!


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  1. Just wanted you to know that I love your designs. I wish I was better at sewing and enjoy seeing you create cool stuff to wear.

    • Aww, thanks! If it helps, it took me years to get good at sewing and fitting…so there’s hope for anyone. It’s just a matter of putting in the time and constantly pushing your skill set. Your blog looks interesting (and yes, I’ve been following the Sean Harris debacle too — some people should not be allowed around children).

  2. Oh, you are such a good mom! My greatest effort for school costumes so far has been cave-man costumes… yeah, slightly cut-out fun fur. Not sure if I should be relieved about that or disappointed in my local school system…

  3. I’m totally calling you when my kids need costumes. You ship next day, right? 😉

  4. I’d totally wear that Roman costume. Maybe with fishnets……

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