Me-Made-May ’12, Day 4 — The Wild Things Ate Max

So I have a teenager and four preteen boys spending the night at my house tonight.


Or not, whatever. I’ll manage. I’m just going to pretend this big blue cup is the world’s biggest White Russian instead of water.

That look on my face is perfect calm. Yes, it is.

Top: Threadless ( — see the title of this post for explanation

Bottom: Me-made skirt, first attempt at New Look 6083. The black twill is really too flimsy for this pattern and tends to wrinkle and stretch out as I wear it. Still a relatively practical skirt.

Cat: Not impressed with me OR with the commotion downstairs.


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  1. OK, so that might be the coolest shirt ever. And little black skirt—it’s hard to go wrong. 🙂

    Good luck surviving the boys!

    • Oh, I survived them okay although I’m not sure they survived each other…but there was no bloodshed and only one pillow fight injury. WIN.

      I do love that shirt. Nobody seems to “get” it though, which is annoying. And a little black skirt really does go everywhere.

  2. God love a cat for summing things up so concisely! Thats 2 cool shirt posts – MMM12 is just going to make me want more cool shirts!

  3. You are a brave woman facing that many boys. Brave.
    Very cool outfit.

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