Me-Made-May, Day 3 — What I Wear When I’m Not Trying

One of those “I just threw this on” mornings.

Top: Kohl’s juniors tee + church rummage sale tee, refashioned

Bottom: Old Navy skirt, refashioned

Socks: Gold Toe black crew

Shoes: Doc Martens 8-eye 1460 boot

My downstairs is still kinda mucked up from the burst pipe yesterday, so I braved the slight drizzle in our backyard to take pictures today. I like the way the natural light brings out the very slight purple tint still left in my hair (gotta recolor it soon!). This really is one of my go-to outfits when I’m feeling uncreative, or in a hurry. The two t-shirts together cost less than $8. The skirt was $6 on super clearance — I shortened it and ripped off the pockets so it would be more flattering. I’m a bit rumpled in the photo because I was having a hard time getting going this morning, so I did paperwork in bed while watching old episodes of Babylon 5.

Today is Middlest’s 12th birthday so we’re celebrating with cake and presents, party tomorrow. I’ll leave you with this photo, where I’m trying to be so punk rawk:

Oh man, I am so unhip it’s a wonder my buns don’t fall off.



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  1. \nn/ (oo) \nn/

    You are SOOOO punk rock. 🙂

  2. Sure, you wear a shirt that says Misfits and thanks to my Jem marathon a week ago, the Misfists song “Mischief” (specficially the “Misfits we’re making mischief, making miiiiischief” line) is rolling around in my head. How do ear worms last this long?

    Anyhoo, another outfit I like. It seems very you. And a good match for Bab 5.

    • Ooh, I totally forgot that the “rival” band to Jem was also the Misfits! How funny….

      Yes, this outfit is SOOO me. I often forget I have it on; it just inspires me to go charging about DOING things.

  3. Oh what’s hip anyway. I like this one too – and the faint purple tinge left.

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