Me-Made-May, Day 2 — Me-Made Jeans, Brought to You by Massive Allergies

I’ve been coughing, sniffling, sneezing and weeping on everyone all day. I’m kind of amazed I got around to posting these pictures of me in my new jeans:

Butterick 5682, View A

These are supposed to be skinny, ankle length jeans. Well, they don’t fit my definition of skinny and they’re WAY too short — I prefer my jeans longer than ankle-length, even with flats or sneakers. I’ve also come to realize that I don’t like using blue denim for jeans because it’s impossible to duplicate the wear and wash on RTW jeans. I’d rather make colored twill or printed jeans, and use the dark blue denim for skirts or shorts. These look ok, but I sewed a size 12 when I really should have sewn a 10. They are super-comfortable because the denim is really stretchy, so I think it would have looked better to go for a much tighter fit.  I’m debating tossing them into the dryer to shrink them down a bit.

The back view:

I moved the pockets up by a fourth of an inch and like this placement much better.

I took these pictures in my sewing nook again because thanks to a pipe bursting in our wall and an emergency plumber visit, the downstairs was a horrendous mess. Yes, the carpet really does look that bad because this used to be the playroom and we had parties here….

Supermodel pose:

I think the jeans look best in this pic.

Top: Old Navy

Jeans: Me-made, Butterick 5682

Socks: Hanes ankle fit

Shoes: Converse All-Stars double tongue with studs

Mood: Could be better



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  1. I’m so glad you showed these! This is one of the patterns I just bought in the recent sale, and I was worried the skinny fit was going to be too skinny for me. Apparently not! Your jeans look good, but they’re not as tight around the lower leg/ankles as I was expecting. I think I may need to tweak the pattern to get the ‘able to tuck them into boots’ fit I’m going for…

    • Oh, I have big muscular calves so these jeans are definitely not as tight as traditional skinny fit! I actually like the way this pattern is consistent in sizing so the size that fits my muscular thighs also fits my calves without squeezing, but let’s be clear — I measure as a 14, normally sew a 12, and in this pattern I need a 10 to get a skinny fit. I also sewed the inseam at 3/8″, which I do with a lot of my pants and shorts so they won’t pull at the inner thigh, and I lengthened the fly and fly shield to make room for a 4″ metal zipper. The zipper allowance in this particular front fly is really short.

      All in all, I really like this pattern and you can email me if you have more questions about it!

  2. You look super hot in the first pic. Work it, girl!

    They are a bit short. I like my jeans longer as well. They have to at the very least rest on the top of my foot/hit my heel.

    You need to get a good professional steam cleaning on that carpet. It will do wonders, trust me.

    • Yes, I’m definitely adding at least three inches to these if I make them again. That length is ridiculous. Now I wonder if I should crop them shorter so they look more like cigarette pants…hmm…

      Not even a professional steam cleaning, just the Hubs with a Rug Doctor would make a world of difference. Unfortunately, that’s not on his agenda for the foreseeable future.

  3. Seriously, those jeans do flatter your curves nicely. I like them, including the shortness of them.

  4. Hey they’re good, not skinny but good and a little short. If you put them in the dryer to snug them up they’ll probably get shorter too I reckon – did you hot pre-wash the denim?

    • I prewash and dry all my denim twice, but never in hot water (I don’t wash ANYTHING in hot water, except things like towels when someone’s been sick — too hard on the fabric). They might get shorter but since I was kinda going for a cigarette pant, Audrey Hepburn look originally then a tad shorter would actually be a good thing.

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