Goal-Setting and Me-Made-May ’12!

This past weekend, I read a great post by Dani over at Cotton Handy, about goal setting in sewing. She lays out nine goals she has to further her sewing, and also gives time frames in which she plans to achieve her goals. The rubric she is using for her goal setting is called S.M.A.R.T.

Using this framework, I decided to try laying out some of my own sewing goals:

1.  Participate in more online groups (i.e., Me-Made-May)

2.  Get better at fitting pants

3.  Ditto fitting dresses

4.  Make my own well-fitted underpants

5.  Make my own bathing suit

6.  Become a better, less wasteful fabric shopper

7.  Learn to draft and/or adapt patterns to get a specific look

Timeline: Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 6 are ongoing. I am working on the fabric shopping by noticing which fibers and weights I wear the most and trying to remember to stick with those fibers. Although silky sheers come in cute prints, I just don’t wear them much even in RTW. #4, making my own underpants is something I will be working on within the next year. I have a pattern but expect I will need to adapt it a lot. #5, the swimsuit is probably something I will put on hold until I achieve #4 so that I have a basic bikini bottom all ready to go and can just focus on the top. #7 is something I will be addressing off and on, as I learn more about how certain shapes fit my body.

Now for my first goal, participating in more online sewing activities! I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring for Me-Made May ’12.

I, Andi of Lazysubculturalgirl, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I will endeavor to wear at least one me-made or refashioned item five days per week for the duration of May 2012. I will also attempt to avoid repeating any outfits throughout the month. My exceptions are: pajamas, workout wear, socks and shoes.  

Now, in looking at my closet, I realize there will be some challenges. I have three pairs of shorts and umpteen skirts (I’m too tired to get up and count skirts, I just know it’s a lot). However, I only have one pair of pants for May’s mercurial temperatures, and only one shirt that fits correctly. So, the purpose of doing Me-Made May for me is not only to use the clothes I currently own to the best of my ability, but to identify and start to fill the gaps in my closet. This will encourage me to try new sewing patterns, fabrics and skills. I am also going to work on using the self-timer and tripod on my camera so I can offer more variety in my photos. Zoe at ‘So, Zo…’ has all the details on Me-Made-May here if you’re interested.

What about you? Any goals or skills you are working on at the moment?


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! It’s my first one and made me giggle with excitement…I’m such a nerd 😛
    It’s funny to, not two minutes before I read your post I was marvelling at the idea of making my own swimwear one day….perfecting bombshell bathers for my misshapen body without the hefty price tag. Now that would be wonderful. Let us know how you go when the time comes! 🙂

    • Yay for shout-outs!

      I definitely think swimwear will be a challenge. I have a hard time finding what I like, so I would love to be able to make my own but…we’ll see. I envision a lot of cussing! 🙂

  2. Great list of goals. What style of panties do you like?

    My suggestion on bathing suits is to find a pattern in a style you know will look good on you, definitely the time to do some snoop shopping or find something similar to a style you have. I made Kwik Sew 3779 and the instructions were really good. I tried making a halter style from a pattern my mom passed along, and while I really like the full coverage bum, it gives me a headache. I just don’t like having pressure on the back of my neck and no amount of fitting would have fixed that suit.

    • The style of panties I like are low-cut bikinis, but with high-cut legs. Nobody makes this — the closest I can come are string bikinis, which aren’t exactly comfortable. I need the low cut front to keep from flashing my panties over the top of my waistband, but I hate when they dig into my legs…

      I actually like halter tops for bathing suits, but I think that’s because I’m small on top so I don’t need to worry about support. However, as I get older, I’d like my bottoms cut a LITTLE bit higher and my top to come down a LITTLE bit lower. So at some point, I’m probably going to have to make my own swimsuit.

  3. Good luck with that!! Sounds like a lot of work, but at least you have a plan and goals. That is a good start.

    And thank you so much for calling them underwear. I may love you just a little more for not using the “p” word. ((Shudder)).

    • I don’t get the big deal about the “p” word, but I have upset more than one man in my life by referring to their underwear as you-know-what. Well, briefs are for lawyers!

  4. Panties – yeah, not too keen on that word but unsure why. Implies frills? Um, dunno. Underwear or, heaven forbid, knickers? Hmmmm

    Anyway, I’m like you with enormous gaps in the wardrobe. I am also heartily sick of wearing the same stuff everyday – jeans and T of some sort or other with jumper over the top (tis winter here you see). Oh and my jeans are all getting tired. So, am going to make pants. The trouser sort, not the underwear sort (!) and am thinking of drafting my own. Holy shit that’ll be interesting…

    Goals …. good idea.

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