Who the Heck is Christopher Webb?

I ran into the thrift today to drop off a bag of clothes, and came out with these jeans:

The back label says Christopher Webb, CW Jeans.

I had never heard of Christopher Webb, so I did what any sensible person does — I hit Google.

And Google failed me. It gave me Christopher Webb, filmmaker (not a likely crossover). A few regular schmoes and a lot of mug shots (apparently, if you want your child to be a law-abiding citizen then Christopher Webb is a poor name choice). Oh, and a headstone.

I’m pretty sure THIS guy has no connection to the denim industry.

Whoever CW is, though, he makes some pretty soft jeans. I was looking for jeans because one of my workhorse pairs started scratching me in the hip every time I wore them. The rivet had broken and I couldn’t figure out where in the fabric layers the thing was hidden. I finally found it and pulled it off today:

That looks even more painful than it felt.

So, I have a slight hole there but now I can patch it. I don’t REALLY need your jeans, Mr. Christopher Webb, whoever you are.

I’ve been working on a skirt that has been giving me kittens (metaphorically, that is — actual kittens would be much cuter and less frustrating) so I spent today pre-washing and sorting fabric. Including this black twill:


Crystal insists on rolling around on any fabric I lay out for cutting. She’s magically attracted to dark fibers and snag-prone weaves. It’s a good thing she’s cute.

Speaking of cute, crush of the week:

Silas Weir Mitchell, from the TV show, “Grimm.” He plays a werewolf. What? Personally, I prefer furry to fangs.

I missed my 200th blog post on Sunday so I’ll be doing some kind of celebration over the next few days! THERE WILL BE SHENANIGANS. Oh, yes, there will.

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  1. The closk repairing wolf is the only reason to watch the show!

    • I read that as “cloak-repairing wolf” and was like, “Who’s repairing cloaks?” before I realized you meant clock-repairing. Obviously.

      Oh, he’s not the ONLY reason I watch the show — just the most important one!

  2. Well, OBVIOUSLY you are laying out a comfy cloth bed for her enjoyment!

    I’ve never heard of Christopher Webb, but they look like nice jeans. Maybe you’ve discovered a hidden gem.

  3. So odd (re the jeans.) Any clues to the vintage from the cut? I must admit, when I thrift-shop for jeans I tend to stick exclusively to brands I know often fit. But then I generally find thrift-shopping for jeans to be even worse than retail shopping for jeans, since even if they were originally long enough, the odds are whoever had them before had shorter legs and either got them hemmed or wore big holes walking on the back of them…

    • They’re definitely from the last decade, because they’re bootcut but with stretch denim. I usually stick to favorite brands myself, but sometimes I will pull a brand I haven’t heard of, if the detailing looks nice or something about them feels “different.” I’ve found hidden designer brands that way.

      And yes, with the walking on the backs of jeans! It’s especially bad here because people wear them with flip flops in the summer and just let the hems get completely disgusting.

  4. Also, I suppose Monroe is cute in his awkward way. But for TV werewolfishness, Dyson has my heart. Oh, wait, that’s not my heart, it’s other bits… /sigh.

  5. So, how well do the Christopher Webb jeans fit? Is this now something to keep an eye out for? It is amazing how much stuff is on the internet yet the piece of information that you specifically want is often hard to find.

    Such a cute kitty, clearly that is the best place to stretch.

    • They actually fit pretty well, but they stretch out a LOT. As in, I started the day with them slightly loose and ended the day feeling like I was wearing sweats. Now, on a day when I’m cutting out stuff or working on a project and crawling around on the floor, that is a VERY good thing! I like my working jeans to be nice and loose for lounging. However, they will not be one of my “going out” pairs.

  6. Christopher Webb jeans – how interesting. And the internet gods couldn’t help, well in the finding info department. I have no idea either sadly – I wear my jeans until they are full of rips, holes and so forth and rather dislike the process of finding new ones no matter where they come from.

    I like your cat and trust me, kittens don’t lie down on fabric. Mine doesn’t and she’s almost grown up, silly thing.

  7. Kittens don’t lie down on fabric? Are you sure that animal is a cat? Might want to double check, I’m just saying….

    I would wear my jeans until they fell off my body if they would stop shrinking every time I wash them. I hang my non-stretch denim to dry and they still end up getting smaller every wash, drives me crazy. My stretch denim, on the other hand, has to be put in the dryer or it will never keep its shape.

  8. All I’m sayin’ is that maybe werewolves wouldn’t have that bad reputation if more of them played the cello.

    • And if fewer of them ate people. You may be on to something, I think it’s the veganism that’s working for him rather than the cello playing.

  9. I’ve been wearing a black pair of Christopher Webb jeans for over a year and love it, except it has a hole in the knee now. I found it on sale mixed in with many brands on the rack of… JC Penny? Maybe? It was too long ago. I found your blog doing the same empty search. Sigh. Be sure to post if you do find it!

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