The Coachella Shorts

Now, don’t get excited — I didn’t GO to Coachella. I just worked on these shorts last weekend, during Coachella (which I didn’t attend) and found myself thinking of them as “festival shorts.” As in, they’re lightweight, easy to pack and travel in, probably easy to wash and dry overnight. I used Simplicity 1887, View C (the short shorts) on the right:

Misses' Pants & Skirts

And here’s the end result!

The lighting is weird because the Hubs couldn't get a good photograph of this fabric. He finally put the lamp on the floor. I think the shorts are much cuter in person

Some of you will recognize this as the same fabric I used for this dress. It is still a challenge to sew, even with spray starch, but I’m getting used to the softer hand (going slow and being patient helps). I left off the tie belt because I didn’t want a lump under my shirt if I decided not to tuck in my top. I was really looking for something super easy, and this pattern delivered with a few caveats.

1) I measure as a 14 but sewed my usual 12. The rayon challis was really forgiving, but a stiffer fabric might have wound up too tight.

2) The instructions say to use 3/4″ elastic, but there’s pretty much no way to get 3/4″ elastic through the narrow channels in back. 5/8″ elastic would have been ideal but Joann’s had none, so I used 1/2″ non-roll. It’s a little less firm than I would like but works fine.

3) The instructions also say to pull the elastic through one big opening in center front, but I found that too awkward when I wanted to trim off the ends. I wound up leaving two small openings in the sides so that I could adjust the elastic easily.

This is a pretty easy pattern, but I don’t think I’ll make the shorts version again. I might try the skirt next time in a firmer fabric, but I feel like the shorts wind up a little too poofy even in soft rayon challis. Fine for jumping around in festival mud or running to Target, not so stellar if you’re trying to look svelte.

My backside, not being svelte.

Anyhow, I’m jealous of all of you who get to go to festivals. Go party for me, will ya?



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  1. These are awesome, you should enter that Pyjama party thing, I made two similar ones (from Ottobre magazine) for that (they’re basically summer pyjama shorts but I use them instead of half slips under skirts for when I’m on my scooter).

    • Ooh, that pattern might make good pajamas. I like the idea of pettipants too (what we called slip shorts when I was growing up). The fabric has to be pretty lightweight, though.

      • Yea I used satin remnants for both. I have found the waist elastic length to be in excess tho’ might want to double check that if you use it (it might also just vary with the elasticity of the elastic used..)

  2. PJs are a great idea partic with slidy fabric – thanks TJ! I need me some new ones too.

    Nice shorts Andi.

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