It Must Be Thursday. I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays.

POINTS to the first person who identifies the speaker of this quote, and its source!

Ok, so….I shortened one of my thrifted skirts and wore it today:

Sorry about the wrinkles, I was sitting in it all day. Also, I need to stop wearing that shirt every time I take photos in this mirror.

I took 4″ off the bottom of that sucker. It was like a boarding school uniform for fundamentalists. I also hemmed it 3/8″ shorter on the sides and 3/4″ shorter in the front, because apparently that’s what it takes to even out my swayback. The hem is nice and straight now, and I didn’t even have to buy matching thread because I had some in stash. Let this be a lesson to you: NEVER CLEAR OUT THREAD STASH.

Coincidentally, I checked out Pantone’s colors for Spring 2012 and it turns out that this color is on trend —  or at least, it’s pretty darn close to Cockatoo, Pantone 14-5420. Which is weird because I’m pretty sure I remember this skirt style from at least two years ago. Well, what goes around comes around, and it fits in with my tendency to only be hip by accident.

Next project: the Elastic Fantastic! I’m gonna be sewing up some easy, summery bottoms from the following patterns:

Ok, one of them is a top. I guess I'll use that too.


1) My weight is fluctuating and I need more bottoms than tops right now.

2) I sew elastic waists pretty well. I’ve also added to my skill set in the last year, so I can finish these patterns more nicely than I have in the past.

3) I have a very busy but casual life, and need patterns that I can finish quickly with wearable results.

4) It’s going to be over 80 degrees tomorrow and Saturday.

SO! The Elastic Fantastic sewing will start tomorrow. Anyone want to join me?


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  1. Swayback! I finally have a definition for my obnoxiously curved spine and the aches it causes. Thankyou! Your skirt is cute. I have only just started making clothes and am not looking forward to figuring out the lengths to suit my silly shape!

    • Thanks and good luck! I found that skirts were easiest to fit, so I would start with that. I made several epic failures before I wound up with something wearable so I think the key is to just keep plugging away!

  2. Who-hoo! I have my towel, and my Brownian motion generating cup of tea, and I’m even 42 still for a few more months. It’s only appropriate that I get to answer, “Arthur Dent”!

  3. Arthur Dent, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
    But if you have your towel you are okay.

  4. Do you wear that shirt every day or just throw it on for picture taking purposes? 😉

    And at least you get to be hip by accident. I wouldn’t know hip if I stumbled into it headfirst!

    Cute skirt.

    • I really just wear it that often. I need to branch out style wise.

      I am many things by accident, and sometimes even headfirst. Hang around, it might rub off on you!

  5. I am so glad someone beat me to the punch because all I could say is that it sounded familiar and I could hear it in a British accent, but I didn’t know who.

  6. colours? what’s hip? Lord I wouldn’t have a clue other than black seems to always be the ‘new black’, which is just as well because it doesn’t stain when kitchen and kid crap gets all over it.

    Love elastic waist stuff, though have decided I need to learn about proper waistbands. Still scared of that ol’ concept, so I’m going to have a wine instead. Just saying.

    PS I like that shirt.

    • Thanks! I’ve never let the occasional White Russian keep me from attempting new things. Quite often that means botching something up but that’s how we learn. Right?

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