The Sci Fi Monday That Almost Wasn’t, Because My Brain Got Et

I was going to write a post about how I hadn’t read or seen any new sci fi this week, and I said to myself, “Self, how did this happen?” Not because I expect a good answer but because it amuses me to say, “Self,” when I’m talking inside my head. Then I was browsing on Amazon and realized this book looked awfully familiar:

Touched by an Alien (Alien Novels)


There’s a good reason why Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch looks familiar, and that reason would be because I read it this past week. It’s actually sitting on my bookshelf, mocking me right now. So you wanna know how it was? Besides forgettable.

Ok, everybody’s seen the movie Men in Black, right? If you haven’t, log off and go watch it right now. We’ll wait. You’re back then? Good. So, this book is exactly like Men in Black, except Will Smith’s character is a girl and all the agents are hot. And Agent Kay is in love with her, except it’s not Agent K but Agent Something-Else-I-Can’t-Remember. Also, scary aliens trying to take over the world. Oh wait, that was in the movie too.

I could go on, but you catch my drift. Read it, don’t read it, what the hey. It’s amusing enough.

Anyhow, the Hubs is out of town for the week so I’m severely discombobulated. I need another adult around to make sure I don’t eat ALL THE THINGS or stay up all night reading or watch trash TV for eight hours straight. I read somewhere that your self control is like a muscle — not just that you can expand it, but that you have an upper limit and if you try to exceed your limit, your muscle (or your control) fails. So, this week I am trying to make it to the gym four days, cut back on sugar and refined carbs, finish at least three mending projects (really,  my “needs alterations” pile is embarrassing), keep the kids alive and post more often.

I’m guessing I’ll end up drinking White Russians in the corner in the fetal position. Close enough.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a garden party!




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  1. Garden party? Would love to but can’t keep awake from all the crap on TV I’ve been watching, which is strangely like the book you read and promptly forgot.

    PS I bet you don’t have to re-attach elastic to the foot of a doll dressed up as a giant ballerina?

    • Are you talking about the dolls that you were supposed to put the elastic around your shoes and waltz with them? I wanted one for a hot minute as a kid, but I can see how the elastic would break easily.

      I’ll let you nap at my garden party. It’ll be very Victorian, with fainting couches everywhere.

      • Fainting couches? Brilliant! I want one, though could do with a wee table too to keep the glass of vino handy….Those victorians weren’t all belching factories and child labour then?

        Yep that’s the sort of doll exactly, complete with painted (long long) eyelashes, pink tutu and breaky breaky elastic.

  2. If you do manage to make it to the gym four days, cut back on refined carbs, and finish three mending projects, send some of that mojo to me. I figure your kids are old enough to have a survival instinct on their own, so keeping them alive won’t require much self control. Anyway, I seem to be thinking if I go swimming every day it resolves me of any responsibility of any other activity, like laundry or housework or gardening. I am waiting for the energy that all the experts tell us that comes with regular exercise, as far as I can tell they are lying, it has transformed me into a blog that sits in a chair and surfs the net and watches hours of TV. Speaking of which, just saw the first episode of the last season of Eureka, do you watch it?

    • I LOVE EUREKA! The premiere of the fifth and final season was last night, but I strongly encourage you to go back and watch from the beginning, if you can find the older episodes online. It is so cute…like Our Town meets Weird Science.

      The whole exercise gives you energy thing? BWAHAHAHA. They lie. I only exercise enough to get my heart rate pumping and sweat a bit, then I STOP. Because otherwise I’d be prostrate all day. Who am I kidding? I’m already auditioning for the part of “bump on a log” most days.

  3. Ha ha, your list of stuff to do looks much like mine, though mine includes sorting out and making holiday clothes, AS WELL as going to the gym, not eating sugar or grains….I will be sitting in the foetal position drinking JD, in all likelihood….

  4. Good luck with the single parenting! Fortunately I don’t have to do it very often, but when I do, I never sleep. And then everything else just falls apart.

  5. I have picked up books, read through the first few chapters and then things start to feel… familiar… Sometimes it’s because they put the first chapter at the end of another book (which is why I stopped reading those) but a lot of times it’s because books circle between my mom and I and it’s a return coming back to me. I do reread books so I don’t mind when I know that it is something to pass time rather than new content, but it’s annoying when I thought it was something new and it’s not.

    I don’t mind when my husband travels for work. It’s usually short and down to Atlanta, but I don’t have kids to wrangle on my own. It’s more me time, not less. If you end up drinking White Russians, I’ll pour a glass of wine so you aren’t drinking alone. 😉

  6. Cheers!! (clink)

    Yeah, the single parent for the week thing is stressful. I always make sure the hubs gives me a me-day in return.

    So, does he actually tell you to go to bed? Or does he just turn off the TV? Or is he IN the bed, so that’s what makes you go? Just wondering how this whole other person altering your behavior thing works. It never works on me. Damn having to have SELF control!! 🙂

    • Well, it’s complicated. I go “to bed” first, meaning I boss the kids into their rooms then I watch TV or read in bed until he comes upstairs. Without him here, it means I put the kids to bed, then I get involved in a show or book and forget to actually go to sleep until it’s 1 am. Technically I can do whatever I like when the Hubs is in bed — we’re talking about a guy who has slept through earthquakes, strobe lights, bed shake alarms, Motley Crue….but I feel weird being awake when someone is snoring next to me. When I really can’t sleep, I actually get OUT of bed so I won’t bother him. Or rather, so his peaceful slumber won’t enrage me to the point that I hit him repeatedly with a pillow.

  7. You just listed more things on your to-do list than I would accomplish in a whole season. I would not turn my back on you if you decided to take some time and drink some White Russians in the corner. 😉

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