Spring Broken

The kids had their spring break last week. Every time they have a school break, I assume things will carry on like normal, except with more short people underfoot.

I am always wrong.

We had a number of house guests this week, friends of Oldest and Middlest. This is how I know I can never be an actress, because acting as if I am a concerned, involved parent for four or five hours at a time is FRAKKING EXHAUSTING, y’all. One of their friends doesn’t eat, like ever. I think he’s decided that our house is like Fairyland and if he partakes of food or drink, he’ll have to stay permanently. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I worry over the fact that this child can miss lunch and snack and still turn down a juice box.

In spite of everything, a little sewing happened:

The Garden Party dress, work in progress

I still have to pick up a 20″ zipper, and the lining means I have to try putting in an invisible zip. GAH. Hate invisible zips with a white hot passion. This dress may end up driving me around the bend.

Also bumming me out is the fact that I’ve gained a bit of weight. While working out, lifting weights and running circles around my family. LIFE IS UNFAIR, wah, whatever. Some of my me-mades still fit, some don’t, so I headed to the mall yesterday to see what they had.

That was a waste of three hours I’m not getting back. I think they should pay us to shop there, and issue us an apology on the way out for the crap they’re peddling. On the way home, I ran into the local thrift which was — get this — having its annual 50% off everything sale. The parking lot was a madhouse. To be fair, they share a lot with the DMV so the parking is always, er, “special” but it was worse than usual. I parked on the street, ran in, and picked up four skirts for $11. I didn’t try them on because hello, madhouse, but I did all right.

Skirt is by Athleta. For $2.50.

This baby cord skirt may not be the most flattering thing in the history of ever, but it is warm, comfortable and so soft. It’s like wearing kitten skin.

Cat headdesk

I did say, “wearing kitten skin,” didn’t I? Oops, sorry. I’m heartless. Anyhoo, here are the three other skirts:

The black one is hard to see, but it's the exact same as the blue one. That blue spot is a smudge on my camera, not on the skirt.

You’ll notice, if you look closely, that the blue skirt still has tags. SCORE! Of course, they’re all mid calf on me and need to be shortened but whatevs. These are going to be knock-around skirts, nothing fancy. The tan one is actually a little big, so I’m undecided about whether to try to alter it by adding a waistband or just send it back.

I’m going to be doing some remakes this week — just pulled belt loops off a skirt that didn’t need belt loops, and added a hook and eye instead. The thrift store will be getting a nice stack of everything I decide not to alter, and I might actually accomplish stuff. Y’know, cause the kids go back to school on Monday.


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  1. What is it about kids who don’t eat and still not only stay alive but grow too? Then there’s us mums who run around after said short folk, do exercise (whether organised or not) and, well, grow too. I ask myself this fairly often ….

    Looking forward to the garden party …

  2. So I should stop muslining in kitten skin?

  3. If the one skirt is just a little big, you could always use my lazy elastic alteration (alteration is a huge exaggeration). Cut 2 pieces of 1″ or so elastic around 3 inches long, stitch one short end to the side waistband, then stitch the other short end to the waistband stretching it to an inch or two longer than the elastic. Stitch down the long edges of elastic as little as necessary (this is where the lazy comes in). This works well with fabric that isn’t too stiff, for example not denim. Clear as mud? Good. My work is done.

    • I THINK I get what you mean, but this skirt has a zipper in the side seam so that wouldn’t work here. I’ve put elastic in the back of waistbands before, but this one has facings so…putting on a waistband is the only alteration I can think of that might cinch it up enough.

  4. Love love love thrift stores. There’s one by my work where all the rich people dump the J.Crew, Banana Republic, and even sometimes Manolo Blahniks (no joke). I’m there at least once a week. My boyfriend is always making fun of me because whenever I say, “Look what I got,” it’s immediately followed by, “Guess how much I paid for it.”

    • I’ve had terrible luck with our thrift stores because I live in a high-low area — filthy rich who throw out their clothes or dump them on the maid, side-by-side with, well, the maid who can’t afford anything better than Walmart. I do occasionally get lucky, though, as in this case — one Athleta, two Gap and one Banana Republic. I think I probably just need to thrift more often! It helps that the new clothes currently in stores are so uninspiring.

  5. Shopping is much faster than sewing if you really need to fill some holes in your closet. And at $2.50 for kitten skin, how do you say no?

    I love the garden party dress. The abstract print keeps it from being too flowery.

    • Thanks! I fell in love with that print when I saw it too.

      I feel guilty sometimes that I don’t sew more, but then I’d never leave the house and that would end with me in an elaborate dress becoming progressively weirder ala Miss Havisham. I get cabin fever at a clinical level.

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