Apparently, I’ve Given Up Sleeping for Lent

I’m not really hip on my High Holy Days — being a lapsed Lutheran will do that to ya — but I always remember Lent because it’s in between Alcohol and Chocolate Bunnies. I don’t actually celebrate Lent, I just remember it. Like, oh crap, it’s Lent! I was supposed to…..give up something.

Picard being exasperated at you makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, I made it to the gym four times this week, which is less awesome than it sounds. Basically, there were four mornings where I turned off my alarm and couldn’t go back to sleep.

I don’t nap. I don’t go to bed before 11 pm (midnight if there’s something good on TV, one am if I’m reading, four if I have insomnia….). If I ever sew my hand to my lap, this will be why. The only time I ever WANT to sleep is in the carpool line. Sometimes I try to twilight nap in the carpool line, which has to be the least attractive sight ever. I sleep with my mouth open and twitch a lot; it looks very special.

Have a happy Friday night! I’m going to leave you with this adorableness as a lullaby:


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  1. Oh no. Have more hot cross buns, alcohol and bunnies, that’s what I do this time of the year anyway. Does your sleep return after Easter Sunday, or is this a normal state of affairs? Sometimes I wish I could get by on way less sleep but I turn into godzilla (with less body hair). I’d get way more sewing etc done.

    PS I will remember Lent now as being between alcohol and choc bunnies! Very funny :o) .

    • I just don’t sleep very well, and alcohol actually keeps me awake. As do heat, illness, excitement, trepidation, the cat walking on me, the cat being absent, lack of exercise, too much exercise….you get the idea.

      I only ever slept well when I was in sports and working out for 2+ hours per day. Might have to go back to that….

  2. I always remember lent half way thri and try to think of something I haven’t done lately….so being half-assed is usually not in the running…

  3. Those kids are awesome, great video. I hope you get some solid sleep.

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