I’ve Got a Little List…

The title of this blog will go right over the head of anyone who doesn’t know The Mikado, but never mind that. If you can’t make obscure references to Gilbert and Sullivan on the Internetz, where CAN you?

I do have a list, though, of projects. Also of obsessions and ruminations.

1) First thing, I cut out another pair of jeans:

I like that the fabric for the waistband/pockets is extremely loud yet a perfect color match.

I cut them in the next size up, since I want a bit more room in this pair. They are really bright, but I am hoping that it will not highlight my lumps and bumps. We’ll see.

2) I am working on drafting my own denim skirt. I love denim skirts but can not find a pattern for one that fits well. However, I do have a perfectly fitted A-line pattern designed for stiff fabrics like twill and corduroy. So, I’m using that as a base and adapting the design details from other patterns. Currently I’m leaning towards leaving the darts in the back instead of trying to make a yoke — I might want a yoke eventually, but I’m not sure how much I can tweak without screwing up the fit.

So far, I've completed the front. Still need to decide if I want a three piece waistband or a traditional one-piece denim construction. Thoughts?

3) I’ve realized that there are no patterns for the type of knits I want to sew. I keep buying patterns and they keep disappointing me. However, I do have this book:

I bought this on clearance, forever and ever ago. Never used it.

So this may well end up being another drafting experiment. I want a cropped sweatshirt with a wide neck, and a loose-fitting t-shirt pattern that isn’t embarrassingly baggy. Also a knit dress that is not tight, revealing or made of shiny polyester. I’m going to be doing muslins and burning through the stash. THIS MIGHT GET UGLY.

Now for the ruminations:

4) Middlest has a sleepover on Friday and they are going to see The Hunger Games.

5) So Oldest and I made a pact to see it Saturday since we actually, y’know, read the book. I am super excited.

6) This will be a busy weekend. Joint birthday party for two families on Sunday. It is an hour away but Hubs is driving, yippee-ki-yay. Can not wait to see everybody.

7) Somehow, I’m hoping to fit in some sewing around the edges.

8) MUST REMEMBER TO PICK UP ITEMS FOR EASTER BASKETS. Also figure out what to put in baskets for teens besides socks and underwear.

9) I’m joking. Have never given socks or underwear as a gift, even to my own flesh and blood.

10) I have, however, given toothbrushes. This is reasonable antidote to candy, also included. Right?

11) Will be adding people to blogroll tonight. Let me know if I miss you…I promise it’s by accident.

12) The Hubs thinks I should put the blog on Twitter so people know when there’s an update. I hate Twitter and rarely use it, but it might be worth it for this. Any thoughts or preferences from the peanut gallery?


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  1. Adding a yoke instead of darts is pretty easy (going the other way, now that takes a bit of head-scratching 😉 )—Sigrid over at Analog Me went over it fairly recently:


    Good luck with the knit muslining, and the jeans, too! (Not to mention the crazy busy weekend).

    Tyo is currently obsessed with the Hunger Games. She hasn’t read them (or listened—she prefers audiobooks) but I’m pretty sure we’ll be budgeting in the movie pretty soon. /sigh.

    Good luck with the easter baskets. I just buy lots of chocolate. Mmm, chocolate.

    • That article is incredibly detailed, thanks for the link!

      The books are excellent, and I’ve heard good things about the movie. One of my besties is taking her eleven-year-old to see it tomorrow as well.

      I don’t want to give the kids more candy than they can consume in one day, because then it’s stretched out over the week and they get too wired and cranky. Halloween is bad enough!

  2. Oo jeans – how cool is that! Good luck and can’t wait to see how you get on. Am still too scared though in time I’m sure I’ll woman up. Maybe.

    Knit muslining is one of those things that I do sometimes and I always wonder why. I am kinda crap at finding equivalent enough fabrics to trust the findings from the muslin to be confident enough of the end result in the ‘fashion’ fabric. Does that make sense? Anyway, let us know how you get on please please.

    Easter baskets? Mine just get a ton of chocolate and fruit aka hot cross. And we grownies do too, though for some reason we are less able to metabolize the sweets so try, um, to ration ourselves.

    • I currently have a lot of excess knits that aren’t really my type — they wound up being too itchy, too stretchy or not stretchy enough. I figure they’ll be perfect for muslins, since one of the things I need to work on is matching knits with appropriate patterns.

      My family did Easter baskets like Christmas stockings — I got small toys, books and things as well as candy. So I started on that tradition with the kids, but it’s getting harder as they get older and don’t really play with toys anymore.

  3. I like Teh Twitterz, and if you follow me on it you’ll get even more doses of my snark than usual!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me.

    Knit fabrics sure do have a wide range of properties. Not that wovens don’t but the degree of stretch and weight really impact how well knits drape.

    • So true, knits vary a great deal. One of the reasons why I want to get better at buying them and working with them. I always have an idea for something, then realize my stash doesn’t contain the right fabric.

  5. Thoughtsy and I are going to see the Hunger Games tonight!!! WEEEEE! I read the book. Not sure about her. I am a little excited.

    I give little gifts and very little amounts of candy/chocolate. My kids are hyper enough. They don’t need sugar to add to the craziness. This year there will be Wii games and some DVDs. Makes my life easy.

    • Keeping the candy under control is a good thing! We have a ton of Wii games, however and don’t really need any new DVDs. So far, I’ve decided to do one book per child but I’m drawing a blank otherwise.

  6. Re knit patterns: Have you tried Knipmode or MyImage? They usually have a couple of knit dresses and at least a knit two or two per month… I like the waistband lining fabric too XD

  7. I haven’t tried either of those, but they’re hard to find around here. I might be able to order them online, though. I’ve heard good things about MyImage, and their styles look very up to date.

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