Cheetahs Never Prosper

…but they do occasionally get made into skirts. After I made the jeans here, I had a yard and a half of the material left. I had a pretty good idea of the silhouette I wanted to use, and the best fit for it was Simplicity 2451:

Misses' Skirts I knew I wanted to make the short version, View D, because the twill material is a bit on the stiff side for this pattern.

I think it came out pretty well, although the cream poly blend I used for the pocket and waistband lining was a bit flimsy and hard to wrangle. Also, the only zip I had that didn’t stick out like a sore thumb was cream, but after putting it together, I think I should have used black. Oh well, here it is:

I matched my cheetah stripes like a mofo.

Aren’t you glad to see something other than my bathroom? Guys, meet my living room. Living room, these are the guys. Oh, and before I forget:

Ta-da! Back view!

While I’m happy with the way this turned out, the pattern is going straight to the donation pile. Both straight and tulip skirts don’t really suit my shape, in part because I have no high hip. You’ll notice in the front picture that the sides have a few odd ripples; these are not in the skirt seam but in the way it fits my body. My hip is too straight and my legs too curvy to make this a comfortable style for me. I’ve also decided that life is too short (and my pattern drawers too full) to hold on to a less-than-pleasing pattern. So while I’ll wear this skirt, I won’t make another one like it.

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  1. Very very cute skirt. And I don’t think you will be able to see the white zipper too much as long as you wear a shirt that goes over the skirt rather than tucked in.

    Oh, and nice living room!

  2. Well that is pretty neat. The print suits the short skirt well. And I agree with Misty, an untucked shirt will hide enough of the cream zipper that is showing.

    Life is too short to sew with patterns that don’t work for your body. There are many other skirts out there to try.

    So what’s in the tanks?

  3. Agreed about tucking in with the white zip too and how interesting about the ripples at the high hip. Man I’ve gotta find out how skirts fit but I’m having enough trouble thinking through bodices. And I have to look up “high hip” – gotta get the sewing vocab growing.

    Like the print though.

    The bagful of patterns that don’t work – have you thought of giving them away online? Its a bit of a bugger to sort out and do postage and all that but could be interesting….Or not….

    • I’ve thought about doing a giveaway — the postage isn’t an obstacle as much as trying to find a taker for patterns that are already cut out in a specific size….

      As far as the high hip, I am no expert but I understand it as the curve between your waist measurement and your hip measurement. Most people have a curve there anyway — I have something more like a trapezoid side, very flat. My curves are where my leg muscles start, below the hip.

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