In Which I Get Awarded!

One of the things I neglected in my recent loopiness (spellcheck insists this should be looniness….no) was checking everyone else’s blog, so I was thrilled to find that I got two awards recently! Calico Stretch gave me the Liebster Award:


The Rules are:

1) Thank the Liebster Award Presenter. Thanks, Calico! I get a kick out of your blog and enjoy chatting back and forth in our comments!

2) Link back to the Presenter. Right here, you guys. Check her out!

3) Copy/Paste Blog Award….hopefully, I did that right up there.

4) Present the Liebster Blog Award to five blogs with 200 followers or less. Uh…I’ll pass. The majority of my blog group follows each other already, and I’ve seen this blog award going around, and I’m afraid I’d just pass it back to people who are already in the loop. Plus, I have no idea how many people have more than 200 commenters. HOWEVER…if you haven’t gotten an award and you wanna claim this one, GO ON WITH YO BAD SELF. All I ask is that you post a comment with a link to your blog so we can get to know you!

5) Let the five blogs know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog. See #4.

I’m just going to have a Sally Field moment here, okay? Deep breath….alright, it’s past.

ElleC of ElleC Sews also gave me the Sunshine Award!

In this one, I get to answer questions which satisfies my never-ending urge to talk about myself. What? I have a blog for a reason, y’all.

Favorite Color: Purple. Obviously.

Current hair color, after overdying.

Favorite Animal: Cats. I like most animals, but anything that can cuddle with me without interrupting my reading is always going to be my favorite.

Favorite Number: I don’t have a favorite number, but I vastly prefer odd numbers to even. I have three kids, was born on November 9th (11/9) and would rather run a 5k than a 10k.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Root Beer.

Facebook or Twitter: I have accounts on both and neglect them horribly. Actually, I only use Facebook to connect with my 4 or 5 friends who refuse to use email.

My Passion: Sewing, reading, anything science fiction or fantasy related, costume.

Getting or Giving Presents: Neither? I’d rather go out to dinner or share an experience with someone than collect objects.

Favorite Pattern: Butterick 5682, View B for straight-leg jeans

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday. Although Saturday isn’t bad either.

Favorite Flower: Tulips, since we had them in our front garden when I was growing up. I don’t really like to get flowers though — I feel weird watching them die.

Favorite Celebrity Role Model: I guess Jonas Salk, since I almost named Youngest after him.

I guess I’ll close this post with a picture of my ass. Well, a few people commented on my sailor shorts that they wanted to see the back view. So I called the Hubs upstairs to have him take a photo of my backside.

The Hubs: Is this like porn?

Me: In my porn, people get naked.

The Hubs: So it’s like Craft World porn.

Me: I’m pretty sure in their porn, people get naked too.

Anyhow, totally non-porny view of my arse in sailor shorts:

There ya go.

The crotch curve is excellent and you can barely notice my swayback, so I’m quite happy with the back view.

Thanks again, guys and love you too!

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  1. Hey – do you collect an occasional sewing type object? Hm hm. Craft porn! Oh the things we do. Hey but the photos aren’t working so could you stick them in the post again?

    Oh, and congrats of course.

    • Well that’s weird. Ignore above about photos not showing cos now they are.

      Great hair and excellent rear view too. No creases or anything. Yes do make shorts for yourself this summer. Absolutely yes.

      • I pretty much HAVE to make shorts — I’m all Goldilocks about them. Don’t want them too long, don’t want them too short and of course those two extremes are all that’s on offer in the stores.

        I used to wear skirts a lot more than shorts but I’ve been annoyed by not being able to move about in my clothes lately.

  2. ‘I guess I’ll close this post with a picture of my ass’.. can we make that the next blog award?
    Nominate 3 bloggers who must submit pictures of their ass and tell us 3 things we didn’t know about their asses…..maybe it wouldn’t be as popular as the sunshine award, but I think we’d get more search traffic!

  3. Total win on those shorts. And I love the colour of your hair with the over dye.

    If your husband needs confirmation, people get naked in my porn too.

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