Hellooooo Sailor! Kwik Sew 3854, and an apology

Howdy! I apologize for my ridiculously long absence — I was planning to take a week off because Youngest was on half-days last week, which required me to run back and forth to school like a chipmunk on uppers. I finally got through the week, which was also punctuated by two concerts and a drama in five acts when Oldest realized he’d left his phone at the church where they hosted the district concert. Miraculously, someone turned it in to the district office and I was just recovering from THAT near-coronary when I got a cold. For some odd reason, it also took me a week to finish these sailor shorts. I can’t imagine why.

Kwik Sew 3854, size M

I honestly think these are way cuter in person, but they’re not quite as cute as the ones on the model. This was my first Kwik Sew pattern, and it turns out I’m right on the edge of the Small and Medium sizes. So, I made a Medium with 5/8″ seams and had to overlap the button area a bit more than normal to make it fit. As a result of that (and/or the denim I used as a fabric), there’s a bit of bubbling in the sailor bib area. I’m not sure how to fix this because the Small is quite a bit smaller — I’m tempted to try sewing a Small with 1/2″ or 3/8″ seams? Maybe I’ll make a muslin to see if that works. I also had to give up on the instructions halfway through, because they insisted that I should under stitch or stitch in the ditch for everything. This makes putting together the yoke unnecessarily difficult, and the pattern is practically made for topstitching, so I recommend ignoring the instructions in that regard. Long story short…the pockets are under stitched but the yoke and the hem are just stitched. Next time I’ll use contrasting thread and topstitch it all.

This photo shows the bubbling a bit better...or worse, actually.

Anyway, this brings me one step closer to the goal of making all of my shorts by summer.

I noticed that I got a couple of awards in my absence from Calico Stretch and Elle C. Thanks guys! I’ll be back to normal commenting et cetera by tomorrow.

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  1. They look pretty cute to me (but where’s the butt shot? You know we seamstresses need to see your butt!). I agree, they’re made for topstitching. And your buttons look great!

    My sympathies on the crazy week. Half-days drive me nuts (my kids have one every Friday), even though I don’t have to drive them to school. Mine have no school at all next week, but fortunately I have a house-husband at the moment, so it won’t be too much of a bother.

    • I posted a butt shot above. The things I do for you people!

      Half-days are a special horror this year because Youngest is the only child who can’t stay home alone. So it means a lot of driving back and forth with a bored kid…

  2. I agree with Tanit-Isis, they look cute. Truly the first words in my head in seeing the picture was “oh, that’s so cute”.
    Sounds like it’s been quite the week. I hope things settle down and you’re healthy.

    • I finally kicked that cold, but it was bizarre — the first time since having children that both Hubs and I picked up a bug which didn’t come from one of our kids. I guess that’s a milestone of some sort.

  3. I love that style- I have to admire it on others tho- not so flattering to the pearesque!

    • I think I’m slightly pearesque (which is lovely and I’m stealing it) — but these have a nice flare at the hip/leg. It actually seems to me like they’d be hard to fit on an apple shape due to the buttons and panel on the stomach area.

  4. Oh, they are super cute! I don’t even see a problem, but I don’t sew, so I have untrained eyes.

    That sounds like quite the crazy week! Hope things have started to settle down. I am in the midst of my crazy week. The hubs is in China all freaking week, so just me and the boys (and au pair, thank god!!), but I am just trying to hang in there and keep up. He comes home Saturday night and I have already informed him that I am taking Sunday OFF. I wish that meant lounging around all day, but of course I have a shower to go to (for his nephew’s fiance, of course), so not completely off. But kid-free at least!

    • The last time the Hubs went anywhere for a week, I threw a birthday party for Oldest. I’m still traumatized by the entire experience. At least if things get bad, you can make a semi-honest joke about digging to China.

      Being on your own with the kids is SO much easier when they get older. Pinkie swear.

      A kid-free Sunday sounds good! I’d drop off a gift at the shower and go faff around at the mall but I’m a social misfit who was raised by rabid marmosets, so ya know. Your call.

  5. Hey these are cool! So, are you gonna post a butt photo as Tanit requested? I’m interested in the fit back there too.

    I had madness last week and this week too, but I think you win on the crazy stakes. Half days? Why half days? Lordy.

  6. These look awesome. I like Kwik Sew’s instructions and fit the best of all the envelope patterns (with the exception of Burda). I didn’t even know they had this pattern!

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