Whoops, Naked People

If you’re watching Lost Girl on Syfy, Monday nights at 10 pm, you’ve probably had to turn down the heat in your house. There’s more action on this show than at a fraternity mixer. Lots of beautiful naked people. Like this:

These topless lovelies are Anna Silk, who plays the main character Bo, and Kris Holden-Reid, who plays Dyson. Aside from being unreasonably annoyed that he’s named after a vacuum cleaner brand, I really like Dyson and their chemistry together is like, WHOA. Also, last week’s episode had a song playing during their Bo/Dyson combustion scene (there’s really no better way to describe that) and it got stuck in my head. Then I looked it up and was like, “Wait, I know this song. I kind of like it,” which is good because it’s my current ear worm. And since we all know the best way to deal with ear worms is to give them to someone else…


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  1. Oh no you don’t. I have my sound turned off. Ha!

  2. It’s a good thing that: a) I don’t have the tv; b) that I do have the internet; and c) that I will not pass on to you the ultimate, absolutely-guaranteed-to-make-you-? ear worm. I am a merciful person.
    I like that tune.

  3. There is so much making out on TV these days!!

    Wow, I just sounded like a very old person, didn’t I?

  4. Dear GAWD, that show… I’m seriously kinda ashamed to be caught watching it sometimes… HONESTLY, I like the STORY! *sheepish shuffle*

    • Never be ashamed of the things you enjoy, my dear! There are no trophies at the end of life for “read the most improving books” or “practiced the greatest levels of self-abdenegation.” People who piously confine themselves to the Great American Entertainments are in for a bit of a shock.

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