Baby Steps

Those of you who read here regularly know that our two cats are rescues. They were in an abusive situation previously, although I’m sure we’ll never know the full extent of what was done to them. They’ve been with us for nearly a year now, and the difference is remarkable. Lila used to hide under the bed for days at a time and now she will sleep with us, play with us and sit on my lap. She still has trouble with being picked up:

This is the Hubs, holding Lila. She used to freak out completely; she's relatively calm here.

We’re trying to pick her up more, to see if we can get her accustomed to the experience. Crystal will tolerate being picked up, carried and petted but is NOT a lap cat and will sometimes growl or verbalize her displeasure if we’re too friendly. Also, Crystal hates being in pictures and insists on sleeping with Youngest. We think she’s a bit of a masochist.

The elusive Maso-chat in her natural habitat.

I have accomplished very little this week because Youngest came down with the FLU. Luckily, it was the cold variety and not the stomach flu and he’s back in school, but things like that completely throw me off. I have sewn three muslins and tossed two patterns in the giveaway pile (and good riddance). I did pick up a few new patterns at JoAnn’s Simplicity sale, notably 1887 which I’ve been eager to try since the spring patterns went up on the website:

Misses' Pants & Skirts It has a flat front waistband with back elastic, side pockets, and the kind of style details I’ve seen in a lot of RTW garments lately.

I also picked up this:

Doll and ClothesThese dolls were too cute to pass up, although I have no idea who I would make one for.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some sewing done this weekend — although we do have a concert and a boring educational outing for Scouts. I am not knocking Scouts, but educational tours get VERY old by the time you’re on your third Cub. I should bring along a flask and make it into a drinking game…every time the guide says, “Attention,” take a swig. Every time you smack your head on a low mantel because people were apparently shrimps way back when…take a swig. Every time one of the kids asks a rambling, three minute question that makes you want to reach out and choke him, take a swig. If it’s your kid, take two swigs.

Who am I kidding, I’d be drunk before we got to the first bathroom break.

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  1. Good for you, taking in rescue cats, I bet they know that you rescued them.

    My condolences on the Scouts outing, sounds like a great drinking game though!

    • We got lucky — the cats have been a wonderful addition to the house, without a lot of the negative behaviors you can get with rescues.

      I think I talked the Hubs into taking Youngest to Scouts so I can stay home and sew…fingers crossed!

  2. My parents had a cat that was abandoned by neighbours when they moved. It took a little time to figure out where the cat came from but after you’ve spent $1K on vet bills, you have a cat. Bud was never much of a lap cat either, but he found ways to show affection.

    Both of my brothers went through Scouting, Mom was a Beaver leader long after my youngest brother was a Scout. I always enjoyed the weekends they spent away camping, etc. Ah, the bingos I worked to send them away to the Canadian Jamboree for three wonderful weeks… well worth the effort. 😉

  3. I just passed along a Sunshine Award to you, if you want to accept the details are at my blog.

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