Pixie Hair!

Remember when I said I’d go back to purple hair someday?

THAT DAY WAS YESTERDAY. And it is awesome. Have a look-see:

I asked the hairdresser to do streaks, but this type of hair dye is semi-permanent and it bleeds so bad, it’s hard to see the streaks. There’s some blonde, some white (because of the toner), some brown underneath and quite a bit of purple. I love it! Although, I think I’ll do more of a complete cover when I touch it up in a few weeks. Also, I totally match the bath pouf in the right-hand corner. AWESOME.

My hair is growing out nicely and almost at the length I like it. I might keep it this length or just a tad longer; I can put it up in a ponytail right now but it’s still got a lot of short bits. You can see the streaks a bit better here, although it is not that pink in real life:

Believe it or not, with all that excitement, I even found time for some sewing. Given my bad track record with skirts lately, I opted to do a muslin of Simplicity 2152, the midi length:

Misses' Skirts And this is how it came out:

Simplicity 2152. Lila insisted on the title of Photo Inspector.

That fabric is a flannel that I bought for pajama bottoms and it wound up way too pilled and scratchy when I washed it. It was kicking around in stash until I decided to use it for muslins. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on wearing this out of the house! The skirt actually fits nicely, but I’m holding it together in back in lieu of a zipper. I think I’m going to do the shorter length, though, as this midi length really screams dowdy to me. Well, maybe that’s the black socks.


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  1. OOO pixie – it suits you. Love it. :o)

  2. I love the hair and the skirt! I might not go out in the same footwear wearing the skirt however. Be ready, the purple hair is a whole lot of ‘funness’ to live up too!

    • Oh, I know…but if you read Jenny over at The Bloggess, she has confidence wigs. You know, for going out in public? To make her more confident? Well, this is confidence hair. It’s impossible for people not to smile at it. Really!

  3. Of course it is always important to accessorize a new hair colour with a bath pouf. Everybody knows that.

    It is the black socks that make your ensemble look dowdy, it is not possible to be dowdy with purple hair. Fact.

  4. LOVE THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahhh, purple hair!! Love love love it! And I am so jealous. I have always wanted to do crazy things with my hair, but I am a damn PROFESSIONAL, and the Court kinda frowns on punk rocker lawyers. Fuckers.

    The skirt is nice, but I would definitely go a bit shorter. It is a bit matronly at that length. Show off your gams, girlie! 🙂

    • Ya know, with all the kids into body mods and whatever else these days, I bet the conservative fields will eventually have to change. I mean, I regularly run into people with tattoos, piercings and wild hair. By the time our grandkids come along, all that stuff will be passé and lawyers will probably be stomping around in Docs and belly rings.

      Well, it’s a theory anyway.

  6. Wow, that’s absolutely wild hair, so much fun!

    I like the skirt and yeah, at the very least it needs hemming. As it is, it is a bit of an awkward length.

    • If I wanted to make that skirt NOT an awkward length, I’d really have to hem it at least two inches — difficult with an A-line. So I’m thinking cut it at the shorter length and make a narrow hem….maybe.

  7. Your hair looks rad! I totally thought of you the other night as I just KNEW you were watching “Being Human” at the same time. 🙂

  8. Cool hair! What’d your kids say?

    • My kids are so blasé at this point…but I did pick up Oldest from school first and his immediate reaction was to give me a hard time. “You look different. Hmm. Did you go to the dentist? Is that new make-up?” Argh, teenagers think they are so funny.

  9. That hair is TOO CUTE. I want it. I have a bench trial this summer. You think I should put deep green streaks on the nape of my neck? (It’s always been a dream). I don’t really care what the judge thinks, but my client might faint! I think the professional fields move very, very, very slowly. I remember when I did moot court (like 15 years ago), and a judge told me that my *large hoop earrings* were inappropriate. I kid you not, they were the world’s-smallest hoops, the size of my pinky nail. For the moot court finals, I went out and bought Monet hoops the size of quarters. Rebel. Why didn’t I dye my hair purple? That would have shut them up.

    • Judges, phfft. I say dye your hair whatever color you like. Nape of the neck streaks are fun! Although, green is one of the harder colors to maintain….purple fades to silver, pink and red fade to lighter pink, green and blue fade to swimming pool chlorine. Yikes.

      Most color dye is semipermanent, so it only lasts around a month anyway. You could always dye it now and it should be washed out by the summer, or you could dye over it. If you’re not a blonde, you do have to bleach your hair out first for the color to show up and while you can do color dye at home, I DO NOT recommend bleaching your hair at home (unless you really like bald spots). A good hairdresser will do it for you.

  10. Oh and yes, shorter. You’ve got the legs, girl.

    • Ha, I think you’re right about making the skirt shorter, but it strikes me as funny when people say, “You’ve got the legs.” I’m the short, squat person in my family with a sturdy build. On the bright side, I’ve evolved to escape famine but on the negative side, I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my legs….

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