Moves Like Jagger — Butterick 5682 Jeans

I DID IT! I made pants! These lovelies are from Butterick 5682, which is a basic jeans pattern. I made View B, which has straight legs, in a size 10. The finished hip measurement was pretty close to my exact measurement at 37.5 inches. I’m positive this worked as well as it did because I used stretch denim — if I want non-stretch jeans, I’d have to go up to a 12. The only change I made to this pattern was to sew the inseam at 3/8″ instead of 5/8″ which is how I work around needing more room for my thighs. Frankly, that extra quarter inch was very necessary here. Otherwise, this came together remarkably well. I think this is the fourth (maybe fifth?) pair of jeans I’ve tried to make on this blog, and by far my favorite.

A few quirks: the allowance for the front zip is definitely short, as I noted when I first made this pattern. Next time, I’ll lengthen the fly and fly shield by a bit to allow for a longer zipper. The pattern piece for the waistband demands that you cut it on the cross grain, which made my print go a bit wonky. I get why this is necessary — to avoid undue stretch in the waist — but if I’m using a patterned denim, I might try cutting it on the straight grain and interfacing the heck out of it next time. I did have to lay out the pieces carefully, to match the cheetah print at the pockets and so on, but it was relatively easy to do with four yards. I still have enough left to make a skirt, assuming I need any more cheetah print in my closet.

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere due to brain drain, and the schedule won’t let up anytime soon. We’re coming up on March Madness, and I don’t mean basketball; choir, sports and Scouts all have events this month. After the jeans project, which took about six days, I’m ready for something quick and easy!

To sew, that is.



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  1. Very nice, I like the placement of the darker portion of the print on your legs. Really nice job.

    I was wondering why I didn’t know Butterick had a jeans pattern, I had a look at the site-the rise is too low for my older floppy body. Damn, I like the variations of the legs.

    I am quite certain you need more cheetah print in your wardrobe, who doesn’t really. A skirt would be perfect.

    • Thanks! The rise is pretty variable by size — it gets a lot deeper between 10 and 14, for instance — so I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this pattern. I don’t think the rise is as low on me as it is on the models, and I do have a long torso. I’d encourage you to try the pattern out if you can get it inexpensively.

      I’m thinking a wiggle skirt would be great, but I haven’t found a pattern I like yet…

  2. Those are such fun jeans! Well done.

    Post when you can, blogs are suppose to be fun and a good outlet for yourself not the cause of stress as “one more thing you have to do”.

    • Thanks!

      I enjoy blogging, but I had these grandiose visions of making the blog encompass everything I’m interested in — from sewing to music, books, fashion, politics, et cetera, and it’s become obvious that I would need to run three separate blogs to cover all these topics. The only way that would be worthwhile is if someone paid me.

      Also, I wouldn’t have time to sew.

  3. Oh, I just love those jeans!!! (J. Crew is showing leopard capris for spring; maybe you’re preppier than you thought!) And, I love the photos. You are adorable. I am inspired but very, very afraid of pants.

    • Thanks! I am also very, very afraid of pants but Tanit-Isis and others have pointed out that it’s just a matter of finding the right pattern then basing ALL YOUR OTHER PANTS off this pattern. So I just found my pattern….

      Punks have always liked to subvert prep. The original kilt minis were hacked off school uniforms, after all!

  4. Oh, win! Finally! Good for you and persistence!

    If you can live with a small amount of stretch in the waistband, I’d cut it on grain and interface with a knit interfacing—I’ve done quite a few where I interfaced the stretchy waistband with a non-stretch interfacing, and while it works fine and gets a pretty non-stretchy waistband, I feel like the adhesion between the fashion fabric and the interfacing breaks down over time. Of course, I might also be using crappy interfacing (not the cheap non-woven stuff, though).

    It looks great—and now you have a pattern you can compare all the others to! 😀

    … you blog PLENTY. I’m happy if I get one post a week these days—anything more is bonus. 🙂

    • I originally aimed for posting five days a week. I know, I know, I was a bit ambitious! I just like frequent updates — giving them, getting them, whatever. Some days, though, I’m wiped out and don’t really have anything to say, and I don’t want to post filler.

      I’m SO glad I’ve conquered this pants demon. I have huge plans for my bottom half these days — capris, shorts, more jeans….

      My big issue with stretchy interfacing is that it allows the waistband to stretch too much while I’m easing it onto the jeans, and also when putting in buttonholes. I used a soft interfacing for this waistband and it doesn’t feel as strong as I’d like. I’m ok with fusibles that detach after washing because they’re already sewn in and seem to work fine as sew-in interfacing after that point. Am I wrong? I’ve never had a waistband deteriorate on me!

  5. Wow! Sex-ay. You and my son need to have a Jagger dance off. It will be epic.

    The butt pic reminds me of when I ask the hubs if my ass looks big in an outfit and then proceed to stick my butt out as far as it will go in his direction. Because that question is whack and I so want him to say “yes.” 🙂 We also have this thing where he will ask me if his shoes/shorts/hat make him look fat, and I always respond: “just your ass.” Anyway, tangent much?

    I love the cheetah print. They are smashing. Good job. They look like they fit well, too.

    Blog when you can. I get the busy with the kids thing. Mid-March is going to be brutal for me because the hubs is away for 10 days in the middle there. Maybe we’ll see each other in the spring!! 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ll pit Middlest against your son any day. His dance moves really are legendary. He gets applause at weddings. My idea of cool dances, on the other hand, is still the Roger Rabbit and the Running Man.

      I stopped asking the Hubs if anything made me look big/fat YEARS ago because the expression of pain and confusion on his face convinced me that it was probably torture. The guy has NO fashion sense whatsoever. His idea of “do these shoes match?” means am I wearing the same shoe on my left and right foot? I could walk out of the house in a clown suit and hip waders and he would not say a word. In fact, if you ever meet me in a clown suit and hip waders, you already know what happened there.

  6. Wahooooo – good job. Love the print and the pics …..

  7. I love the fun pants and get why you titled them Jagger. I still think you should / could be a size 8, especially if you want to be more Jagger like! But what came to mind when i saw the pants was Austin Powers and the fun you had showin’ them off. “Oh, bee-haive”. :p

    Love the pants. Love the post. Hope you survive your March!

    • Ooh, Austin Powers! I really need a velveteen blazer, and a pair of thick nerd glasses. I don’t want the matching bunch of bimbos on my arm, however. Can I have the male version? Himbos in 70s polyester jumpsuits? Now THAT would be fun.

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