I Blame the VD

Valentine’s Day, of course, not the other VD. Why else would I have dug this maroon twill out of stash and attempted New Look 6106? Here’s the pattern, one of the new spring releases:

Misses' Skirts Now, there’s nothing much wrong with this pattern. It looks like a nice, simple A-line skirt with pockets. I was particularly happy to se darts in the back for shaping and a center back zipper. Hard to screw up, right?

Here’s the result:

Wow, that's fug.

I think you need to see the back to appreciate the full effect:

Those wrinkles are not from lack of pressing, they're from the way the skirt hangs. Really.

I think there are two problems here — one, this skirt was designed for someone with an exaggerated hourglass shape. I am not that person. Two, I made it out of cheap twill fabric that any sane sewist would have binned without a second thought. Curse my sudden and inevitable frugality!

In a side note, I measure as a 14, but normally sew between a 10 and a 12. After looking at the teeny waist on this pattern and comparing it to some of my TNTs, I sewed a 14. I think that was the correct choice, but it does mean this pattern runs really small in the waist and large in the hip. Kinda short too, in the shortest length — which I’m showing here, it’s supposed to be 18 inches long but doesn’t quite make it. I won’t be making this one again — the drafting is just too far off for my figure, and I think the style is too sweet.

However, I’ve cut out another New Look, this one:

It’s a Suede Says pattern, New Look 6103.  I’m making the curved hem skirt in the second view.  That curve is going to be the devil to turn….


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  1. Righto then I’m not getting that pattern. I haven’t any curves at all ……

    Nice colour …

  2. You’re right, but that’s the problem when you use ready made patterns based on standard sizing. If you’re not able to make yourself a pattern based on your measurements the only thing to do before cutting the fabric you intend to use, is experimenting with a cheaper one to make the alterations needed.

    • Sadly, I’m still discovering what works for my particular figure. It’s entirely possible I would have made the same mistake if I’d drafted the pattern myself.

  3. There are a lot of pear shaped women who would probably love that skirt. Sometimes you just have to accept that they didn’t have your body in mind when drafting.

    That’s a pretty cool second pattern though. Love the darts into the pockets.

    • That second pattern is THE DEVIL…or rather, the instructions are. I tossed it when it became obvious that the curved hem would not work in the manner they wanted me to face it. And the zippers are applied — no pockets, although I guess you could add them.

  4. Hmm. I think the red skirt might’ve worked in something with a bit more drape, but with the stiff twill—yeah. Not quite right. You could probably improve things a lot by tacking a whack off the side-seams below the waistband—it would be a cute fitted micro-mini—but it doesn’t sound like you’re that invested in saving it. Quick question—did your hips match the measurement as given too, or did you just go by your waist measurement? I usually have to grade out a size (or two) at the waist, which is fine is the pattern runs true, but can be really, really frustrating when it doesn’t.

    I really, really like that second view of the second pattern. I hope hope hope it works! 🙂

    • If the skirt didn’t have side pockets, I might have tried to save it. Side pockets always complicate things. My hips did match the measurement, but the wearing ease is just ridiculous (and now I’m wondering if a softer fabric would help, even though the recommendation includes stiff fabrics like twill). Maybe a wool blend? I’m just trying to figure out if this is even my style…

      The second pattern was an abysmal mess. I didn’t even blog about it. Gah.

  5. Love the color. But, yeah. The back is a little whacked. It’s a shame because it looked like it could have been nice. Maybe the next one will turn out better.

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