Evil in the Attic

No, not a horror movie (although it would make a good title for one). By attic, I mean my sewing room loft and by evil, I mean this:

This is rayon. Sorry about the eye-searing image.

I really, really wanted to make a summer dress this week. However, the first fabric I dug out of stash had a big honking stain in the middle (it was not cheap, either) and the second one was….this. I’m pretty sure this stuff is rayon challis, between 4 and 5 yards of it in fact. Rayon challis is unstable. It frays. It pulls off grain. It resists all attempts to press it into submission. It does hang beautifully, assuming you can get it on grain at all. However, after taking six unsuccessful photos of this print, I’m guessing it’s a good idea that I finally gave up on the dress. I don’t really know where I would wear something that makes me look blurry. Sneaking into a drug den? In my new career as a kleptomaniac? Going into Witness Protection? Hmm….

I did make some earrings. Back in the day, I used to make a ton of jewelry — until I realized I really only wear simple designs. I sold or gave away a lot of jewelry stash, but I still have all my tools and a few pieces. Came up with this:

Floral...but not girly

The ear wires are real silver, and I think the flowers are enamel of some kind — not sure. I bought a few more jewelry pieces at Michaels tonight, since I’m hoping that this will be a less frustrating creative outlet on the days when my fabric and pattern stash are just not coming together.

So anyway, I’m dedicating this Friday song to bad fabric.


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  1. Starch the crap out of that fabric. Then it will behave. If you have a clothesline, and it isn’t freezing where you live, cook up some cornstarch, soak the evil stuff in in, still folded nicely if you can manage it, Make sure all parts are wet and then hang it on clothesline still folded. I wouldn’t wring it out though. When it is dry, iron it so it is straight on grain. Then you are good to go.

    Dare I say it, I like the fabric.

  2. You know, it’s funny- I love challis- 3/4 of my projects are in it. But yes, starch it to death!

    • I think I would love it if I could just get it cut and sewn…the hand is really nice. It’s the cutting and handling of it that drives me crazy.

  3. Ooh – jewelry! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Betsey Johnson stuff. Her recent collection includes lots of skulls and other tattoo culture icons. Its feminine, but slightly offbeat and irreverent. Like you. Here is an example:

    My sister bought some of her earrings recently and they are awesome!

  4. Love the earings …. sorry bout the rayon.

    • The jury’s still out on the rayon. I think I’ll try spray starch and see how that works. But now I’m reminded of why I started sewing with quilting cotton, because it was SO easy to manage.

  5. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Yes, spray starch will work, just be sure to iron it so the grain is straight. If you think this stuff is a pain to sew, I will send you along a couple of meters of nylon tricot. 😎

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