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Being Human, Syfy channel, Mondays at 9 pm. Quick! What happens when a vampire and a werewolf buy a house that’s haunted by a fledgling ghost? No, this isn’t the set-up for a joke. That’s the premise of Syfy’s Being Human, which starts off sounding like a gimmick but is redeemed by engaging and believable characters, as well as a plot line that veers promptly into semiserious territory and stays there. Aidan and Josh (vampire and werewolf) work together at the local hospital. The house buy happens because they’re trying to set down roots that will differentiate them from their more wild peers — essentially, they’re trying “being human.” This is complicated by Josh’s intense romance with a fellow medical student and Aidan’s run-ins with local vampire politics. Rounding out the trio is Sally, a ghost with serious ex issues and a desperate case of loneliness. Their attempts to define humanity, and carve out a life that feels normal to their human sides, are part of what makes this series such an interesting watch. The first season is available on Netflix, while the second season is currently showing on Syfy. Be aware that this is the American, rather than British version of Being Human — apparently the two shows are quite different. Mature content and violence mean this show is better for the over 13 age group. Fans of Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica will recognize the vampire Aidan as Sam Witwer, who played Crashdown.

Lost Girl, Syfy Channel, Mondays at 10 pm. Lost Girl is an import from Canada that has had the sci fi community buzzing for a while. It makes a worthy follow-up to Being Human, as it has the same quality of treating fantastical subjects very seriously. In fact, the urban fantasy feel of this show reminds me of a cross between Grimm and Blood Ties. In the pilot, a young woman named Bo discovers she is part of the fae — not fairies, but a generic name for all magical creatures. Who the fae are and what they want with Bo is an ongoing mystery. It’s difficult to describe Lost Girl without giving away too much, but if you like urban or hard-edged fantasy, you’ll probably like this. Content is once again very much for 13+.

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  1. OF COURSE I’m watching “Lost Girl” — 2 episodes in and I already have a lech for that cop!

  2. Are you guys only just getting Lost Girl? I find it pretty funny to hear it compared to Grimm, since my first thought on seeing Grimm this past fall was “Hmm, feels a lot like Lost Girl. Crossed with a cop show.”

    … unfortunately, prior to the first epidsode (which for us was well over a year ago), my husband decided based on commercials that LG would be a great show to watch with the kids.


    Dyson is indeed intensely drool worthy (to the point where as we watch it I tend to pester my husband: “Would you wear that? Would you wear that?”)

    Also, I want Kenzie’s wardrobe. Badly.

    I’ve seen a couple of commercials for Being Human and thought it looked right up our alley. I should check if it’s on our Netflix too…

    • RE: the drool worthy characters, my husband made a few “I”M RIGHT HERE” comments with the HBO series Rome. And perhaps Nathan Fillion. Ooops. He was much better behaved watching Charmed with me.

    • Fortunately, the Hubs has never mistaken Lost Girl (or Being Human) for a kids’ show. At this point, I only have to discourage Oldest from watching the episodes on our DVR — not because he isn’t old enough but because his brothers aren’t.

      I like all the clothes — but I think I’d need Kenzi’s body to wear them.

  3. I love both these shows as well, I find it especially interesting that a series (Lost Girl) is crossing the border the other way! Not many shows are made in Canada and even fewer make it to the US. I have seen the British Being Human as well, and although they are a little different, the cast has a very similar look, even down to the clothes worn by Sally.

    What season are you watching of Lost Girl? We are on season 2 here in Canada.

    • We’re on Season 1. I’ve noticed that Syfy will pick up crossover shows from the BBC or Canada — that’s how I got into Primeval and Blood Ties. Sometimes they don’t finish the series run, though, so I’m hoping they’ll stick with this as long as Canada is producing it.

  4. You know, being in NZ I don’t think we have Lost Girl yet. Wish it would hurry up cos I’d watch it thanks. Sounds like its right up my alley.

    • NZ and Australia are usually 2 seasons behind, aren’t they? Have you guys gotten Terra Nova (just finished the first season here) yet? I’m asking because it’s a Fox show but I’m pretty sure they film in NZ.

  5. I’ve been seeing the billboards for Being Human everywhere! I usually don’t watch shows like that, but there was something so undeniably sexy and raw about the picture, I wanted to tune in.

  6. I am OBSESSED with “Being Human”, both SyFy and BBC. If things don’t work out with Nathan Fillion, I’m keeping Aidan on speed-dial.

    • I was going to say, “Isn’t he a bit young?” Then I realized I was thinking of the actor and “young” is a really weird thing to say about a centuries-old vampire. Then I realized I was taking the whole thing way too seriously…..again.

  7. I wanna say I love them both but I have a hard time watching Lost Girls. Mondays seem to be so horrible that I either hafta settle for a movie by that time or head to bed. (its on at 10pm here) But i love the Lost Girl commercials! Being Human seems to get better each new year. Good Stuff!

    • I would never watch Lost Girls if it wasn’t for my DVR — 10 to 11 pm is past my bedtime! I agree, I really like the story arc they’re working on with Being Human…just gets more interesting all the time.

  8. You know, I stayed in the same hotel as Mr. Crashdown when I was in Montreal. In fact, we walked right past him in the lobby. 🙂

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