Naughty, Naughty

I always wanted to be a bad girl. I wanted to wear tight clothes, smoke cigarettes and grind them out with my heel, and attract boys in black leather who drove Harleys. I still wear tight clothes on occasion, but mostly to jog. I never did take to either smoking or staggering around in heels, and those boys in black leather? Turned out to be terrible conversationalists. I tried to be moody, but it got in the way of other things like slumber parties and Mel Brooks movies. As a result, I am completely fascinated by bad girls — over the top, rockabilly, tattooed bad girls. And by this woman’s pulp fiction collection. And by this Kirsty MacColl song, which I wound up playing on repeat for an entire summer when I first discovered it:


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  1. Oh, how I miss Kirsty MacColl! I must now have my own copy of ‘Burial o the fruit’ it sounds scintillating!

  2. What a great song. I have never heard her before, but I love the jazzy punk sound. Also, some of those titles are fantastic . . . Women from Hell, Trailer Tramp, Naughty Virgin. Love it.

  3. LMAO! Thirteen years later, I am still bemused by the fact that I managed to snag possibly the only good prospect from my local goth scene. And he does wear black leather ;).

    I never wanted to *be* a bad girl… I just wanted to dress like one. Figuring out that not everything has to be tight or revealing all the time has been one of the great revelations of the last few years… 😉

    • Lucky you! Especially the black leather….

      I’ll settle for dressing like a bad girl, and I refuse to believe we are too old (it helps that I came of age during the grunge era, rather than the micro mini). Four words: Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood. And they look FABULOUS!

  4. I never could be a bad girl as was one of those goodie two shoes kiddos. Don’t have the right brain I think or terribly good upbringing. Oh mum would love to read that!

    Love the pulp fiction covers and the sirens – it amazing art when you think about it too. Very cool song…. Perfect for a Sunday morning and too much coffee

    • I was never a goody two-shoes, but I had good grades and didn’t do anything obviously criminal, so I enjoyed a stellar reputation (largely undeserved) through much of my young life. Ha.

      Pulp art is making a comeback, which is nice — I hate to think of losing part of that era.

  5. I was a bad girl. I smoked, did drugs, drank and chased men. it was a blast. Unfortunately one has to grow up. I did and now I appear to be a boring middle aged woman, notice I said appear to be. Thanks for the song, never heard it before.

    • I strive to present the image of a boring middle aged woman, because left to my own devices I’m afraid I’d descend into Grey Gardens eccentricity. My kids keep me semi-normal because I don’t want them to be friendless due to their “weird mom.” When they move out…all bets are off!

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