Stuck in the Closet With You

I had that song going through my head all day, but I couldn’t remember the lyrics so I googled it. Turns out that 1) It’s “Stuck in the Middle with You” and 2) I hate it. It’s all Crystal’s fault. She looks really repentant, doesn’t she?

That's her normal expression. Annoyed.

Yesterday, Middlest was looking all over the house for something — under the bed, in my closet, etc. I finally asked him what he was looking for and he said, “Crystal.” I told him, “She’s hiding from you,” which is often true because Middlest likes to pick her up and hug her and love her and squeeze her… Anyhow, he was still looking for her at bedtime when the Hubs started yelling at him to GO TO BED ALREADY and I interjected, “Actually, I haven’t seen her all day….” Now, as much as Crystal may be the Antichrist in cat form, we do adore her and this led to a house-wide cat hunt. We were starting to worry that she had somehow escaped outside, when the Hubs finally found her in the downstairs hall closet. Apparently the kids grabbed their coats in the morning, on their way to school, and she had slipped in there and gotten stuck. She’s not much of a meower (too grumpy — all communication is in the form of growls, hisses and lashing tail), so there she stayed. Fortunately, neither she nor the closet seem any the worse for wear.

I’ve been working on a new project:

Denim, my nemesis...

It is kicking my ass six ways from Sunday. More updates to come.

By the way, my computer has developed issues and I’m currently unable to comment on some blogs that have word verification or OpenId. I’m working on the problem (by which I mean, I’m hoping to bully the Hubs into working on the problem for me) but in the meantime, rest assured I’m not ignoring you….I just can’t comment!


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  1. Stuck in the Middle will always remind me of that scene in Reservoir Dogs where the guy cuts off the other guy’s ear. I like that song, but I will always think of gasoline and razor blades when I hear it.

    • EXACTLY!! I was going to say the same thing. I remember when that movie came out and then the song was played constantly because of it. And yes, that song will always have me seeing Michael Madsen dancing across a warehouse, razorblade in hand.

    • I….am now profoundly glad that I’ve only seen snatches of Reservoir Dogs. I didn’t “get” Tarantino until he did Pulp Fiction.

  2. I like the jeans. The wasteband is pretty awesome and they look good. What’s the problem with them?

    See, if something like that would have happened to my DOG (who is moody and vindictive like a cat) that closet would have been tore to bits! She shreds papers when she gets mad at being locked in a room. Or she angry pees. Or just barks non-stop. Yeah, she’s pretty much an asshole.

  3. That’s a pretty calm cat for being stuck in a closet all day.

    The song reminds me of good times in university so it usually makes me smile, but I wouldn’t seek it out. I didn’t watch Resevoir Dogs, just hearing about the ear scene was enough for me, I took a pass on the movie.

    Looking forward to seeing the jeans on you. They look pretty good flat.

  4. Oof! Poor kitty. Now one day one of ours got locked in the bedroom all day and by the time we found him he’d destroyed the carpet by the door and there was a very foul dampness in the closet. So I’d say you got off lightly.

    Good luck with the jeans—if they don’t work out, may they at least get you one step closer to a TNT.

    • I feel like I’ve been blessed by the denim goddess, LOL.

      The people who owned our cats before us declawed them (that’s now illegal here). It’s sad, but on the plus side we don’t worry about their claws. On the negative side, they tend to be a lot more bitey since that’s their only defense.

  5. Love the polka dots on the inner waistband of the jeans. And the fact that that sour cat is named Crystal–like she’s captain of a cheerleading squad or something.

    • We were the third home for these cats, so they came to us with those names. Crystal actually doesn’t answer to her name, so for a while we called her random things — Cujo, Starbuck, etc. to see if she would answer. Nope. She really is a queen biatch, only becoming sweet and cuddly when SHE wants something. I never thought of it as a “captain of the cheerleading squad” attitude but I think you nailed it!

  6. Crystal is cute…even when she looks annoyed.

  7. I started watching R.Dogs when it came out on video (I guess it wasn’t DVD though can’t remember!) and didn’t get very far in. Couldn’t stomach it. Still can’t. Plus I took music at Uni so I missed the whole over-played song thing too. Man was I un-cool eh?

    Anyway, understand the Dog thing and the dog thing and the cat thing. Looking forward to the jeans post thing too :o)

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