The Exits are Here, Here, and Here But Don’t Worry…We’ll All Be Out Before You!

That’s a Robin Williams quote, regarding airline stewardesses, from an old comedy special where he also mocked the seat cushion floatation devices. “So there you are…floating on your seat cushion. Two sharks go by and one of them says, ‘Oh look, isn’t that nice, Tom? Canapes.'”

Long story short, I was going for a punk vibe with this skirt. The twill has subtle pinstripes. I now think the effect is more “stewardess” instead of “Johnny Rotten’s girlfriend,” probably thanks to the midnight navy color. By the way, I didn’t know what to call this shade of blue until I found the thread that matched it perfectly — and now I need to buy more because apparently I purchase a lot of denim in a shade darker than just plain “navy.” The things you learn.

By the way, the two buttons do match but the flash from the camera made them look different. This was a challenging project; all in all,  I’m happy with how it turned out. At least, I can wear it out of the house. I can’t give you a true pattern number because this is a “Frankenstein” — a combination of two different patterns, one of which is out of print. I can tell you that the waistband is from New Look 6873, the shorts/pants version. I was going for a denim skirt look, but I think this general pattern is too A-line in shape and there are problems with how the back fits:

I went up two sizes in the back, and it still doesn’t quite accommodate my derriere, largely because there are no darts.  The waistband was originally straight, but swapping in the curved waist from the New Look pattern prevented a huge gap at the lower back. I’m still searching for the perfect denim skirt pattern, and this is definitely not it but I might use some elements of this design if I ever get frustrated enough to draft my own.


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  1. Yeah, not so sure about Johnny Rotten on this one, though its a cute skirt. You could dress it up some too. I do like the buttons and waistband – very cool.

  2. PS Robin Williams’ old stuff still cracks me up

  3. Do you make ALL of your family’s clothes? This is awesome. I like this one. I do.

  4. I think Nancy Spungeon would still be impressed- and remind you thats it’s all about the accesories. I love the shape and the fabric, I like it.

  5. I like it. And it is not stewardessy at all! The buttons rock.

    I think I remember that comdedy routine. Back when he was hilarious. Of course that quote always reminds me of Aladdin as well. A modified version of that quote, obviously.

    • I initially thought Aladdin on the magic carpet too. Aladdin was the first big present my yougest brother gave me (6 year age gap led to gift inequality for a while), I watched it more than was probably wise just so he knew I liked it. I did like it, but I liked who it was from more.

    • The part where he’s trying to dress Aladdin and goes, “Let’s work with me here…?” Yeah, I loved that movie as well!

  6. You must have a closet full of clothes and skirts by now. I don’t know a thing about sewing, other than what I gleamed from reading your blogs, but the skirt looks good on you. (can I say that here?)

  7. Love it. I like that fabric, it doesn’t read stewardess to me (although it’s not all that JRGF either, you’d really need the right accessories to pull that off). The double button/fly front is awesome. The curved waistband certainly did the trick on preventing gapping. Definitely a win in my books.

    • Thanks! The double button was a “it’s not a mistake, it’s a design feature” moment, since the overlap from the shorts wound up being way too long (I cut about three inches off and it was still way long). The buttons were cut off a refashion that went badly, so I was delighted to get a match. Everything came out of my stash, including the tattoo print for the pockets and inside waistband (not visible in this picture). Yay for stash busting!

  8. It is a cute skirt, and the fit is not bad—maybe not dreamy, but perfectly decent. I think some random zippers and perhaps a spiked belt might help up the punk value a bit. Maybe ripped up fishnets? Oh, and docs, of course.

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