The Mojo Is Back!

Supplies = mess = impetus

I HAVE BEEN SEWING! After a week of shoving supplies around in a huge pile and becoming more frustrated by the minute, I got some momentum going and started a project. And even better — I have IDEAS. Inspiration. Concepts whizzing through my brain like the light cycles on Tron. I can’t wait!

I’ve been pondering this week on the best avenue to take when your creativity is tapped out. Is it better to push forward even if you’re not feeling a project, or to take a break? I know that my sewing suffers when I’m forcing it, but sometimes it feels necessary to force a failure or two, in order to not get completely bogged down. I hate to waste — fabric and patterns certainly, but the time spent on bad projects grates even more. The Hubs says that the time is never wasted; creativity is a process and screw-ups are part of the process. Whenever I get frustrated, his question is, “Did you learn something?” and since the answer is always yes, the obvious conclusion is that the time/fabric/whatever was not wasted.

Instead of giving you gloom or headbanging (or gloomy headbanging) today, I’m sharing a completely ridiculous video because it made me laugh…and one can never have enough childhood nostalgia. Although, in this case it would be nostalgia for Oldest’s childhood since Sesame Street didn’t have Elmo when I was a kid.


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  1. I don’t sew anymore, but I knit. And I find that when I’m bogged down, lacking motivation, and just moving yarn from one bin to another and gazing at patterns online–but never actually knitting anything–the problem is usually that I’ve let myself do some “not so fun” projects. And the whole thing has lost it’s dazzle. Like–I’ve done a couple projects where the goal was to use up some leftover yarn, or make something that someone asked for–instead of just knitting what I want to knit. So knitting slowly became a chore. Usually, if I treat myself to some new yarn and a pattern I really want to do–then I get my motivation back.

    Love the Elmo. I was two inches from getting my kids matching t-shirts for Christmas that said “I work out.” because they love that song so much. But it was bordering on inappropriate. So I didn’t.

  2. That Elmo video is magical. I had to steal it and put it on my Facebook page as wonderous art such as that is meant to be shared.

    • Sadly, it seems to be gone due to copyright — I don’t think those yahoos realize that parody is fair use under copyright law. Sigh.

      By the way, I can’t comment on your blog because it doesn’t recognize anything I type into the captcha. I have no idea if that’s a problem with your site, my computer or Blogger. It’s driving me crazy!

  3. That was a little strange. But I am so old, they didn’t have Sesame street.

    As a knitter, I find that playing with the things I have on hand gets me going again. But as a knitter, I just rip out my stumblings. Cheating, I know.

  4. Too cute! I’ll have to show it to my little artists. Elmo’s dance party!

  5. I actually showed my kids that. Hilarious. Thanks for that! My oldest loves loves loves that freaking song and runs around singing “I’m sexy and I know it” much to my displeasure. I was hoping this might replace the word choice. Nope. But I tried! I still found it funny and my little one was highly entertained.

  6. Ha! Love the clip. I’m assuming you’ve seen the censored video of The Count?

    Sometimes I think you just have to dive in to get your mojo back. It’s good to hear that yours has made a comeback.

    • HA! Thanks for that!

      I think I tend to want to do TNT sewing when I’ve lost my mojo, but easy yet novel patterns are actually a better motivator. That’s the thesis I’m currently working on, anyway!

  7. 1) Good to hear about you shaking things up. It is very inspiring, considering that I am sitting around, checking my email every 2 seconds, checking to see if I have gotten the job that will get me out of the current job I hate.

    2) The only drawback? No midriff photos.

    3) Just sayin’. Hey, I’ve got 2 kids to take care of alone. They are asleep. So I get crazy, OK?

  8. What a great question. You put the dilemma I’ve been in lately in such a profoundly simple way-Take a break or push forward.

    I have to go think about this now. =)

    • I think this is a common dilemma. Most of us do, consume, and take in more in one day than our ancestors did in a year. It’s natural that our brains would struggle to assimilate all of our options.

      Happy thinking!

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