Kinda Sorta on Strike

Anyone familiar with the SOPA/PIPA debacle? A lot of blogs and information websites have gone dark today in protest. I’m nominally dark at the moment too, but it’s mostly because I’m trying to help Youngest do a report on Norway without Wikipedia. These are challenging times, my friends, in which we must take a stand for our personal freedom. And by that I mean the freedom I would have if I wasn’t searching for information on Norway for a !@#$%! second grade report.

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  1. Oh, what life was like prior to the internet..
    Any luck with Norway government sites? Something like this? Although that might be overkill for Grade 2.

    • I found a tourism site that caters to kids, which luckily had all the information we needed.

      Heaven forbid we’d have to do what I did as an elementary school child and actually GO to the library, then hope they had the required information…

  2. I was thinking the same thing, What did we do before the Internet?

    I just made stuff up in second grade. They are doing reports on European countries in 2nd grade? I was learning how to add and write back then not do research on things I couldn’t pronounce. How’d it turn out?

    • It turned out all right, thank goodness! They are doing an ancestor project, so I listed off our ancestor countries (all six or so of them) and he picked Norway. We were able to find enough information to finish his project.

      I often comment that my kids are two years ahead of where I was in school. I remember doing my first report in fourth grade, and that was a report on a state. We had to draw pictures of the state flower, the state bird, the state motto, etc. It’s pretty much on a par with what all my kids have done in second grade. I really don’t know why people complain that schools are teaching less or expecting less because that has not been my experience (to be fair, we live in a fairly wealthy district).

  3. Did you explain that if child hadn’t put it off, the Internet would not be dead?
    (I just want you to know that I did not use these parenting tips on my child. Other people’s? Maybe.)
    Remember encyclopedias? Now there was fun.
    I just looked up the difference between cloaks and capes. Funny how such information is suddenly necessary again. And Yay Internet!

    • Actually, I was the one who put it off. Second grade teachers aren’t silly enough to assign these reports to kids; they send the assignments home to the parents with a due date and we’re supposed to figure out how to split up the work. And yeah, I was the kid writing their final paper at 2 am in college. Why do you ask?

      Capes are having a moment. Of course, for the goths, cloaks never went out of style. I’m very tempted to make myself a short cloak and just tell people I’m jumping on the cape bandwagon.

  4. I loved Norway – gorgeous but by GOD was the alcohol expensive. Not sure that would have been useful in a 2nd grade report, but there you go.

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