After the disaster that was last week, I wanted a quick and easy project that would also let me mess around with my new coverstitch machine. Enter the dragon — no wait, that’s Bruce Lee. Enter the nightshirt!

My colors are Nightfall and Drizzle.

I used this Butterick pattern, B5432:


I made the tank top nightie, view B. My measurements put me at a 12, Medium, which is what I sewed because the finished bust measurement indicated negative ease. I knew my fabric wouldn’t stretch that much and I wanted something loose, but I’m not sure I like the fit around the neckline and shoulders. I have broad shoulders and the total effect is a little too linebacker. I also wasn’t wild about the “turn under and stitch” construction of the neckline and armholes. I had a hard time getting a smooth finish at the curved seams on the coverstitch machine — of course, I had trouble with the differential feed so that might be user error. There’s a learning curve for this machine and I’m definitely still getting the hang of it. The hems look nice but we’ll see how they hold up in the wash.

Overall, this is a pretty good basic pattern and I got a decent sleep shirt out of it. Next time, I’ll probably make view D in a shortened length because I prefer sleeves, and it has a different neckline construction. But hey, new jammies! And they’re the same color as my cold, shriveled heart.

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  1. Kinda looks like a really comfy dress. Like something you could wear in the summer when it’s really hot, just running around. I mean, really, people wear pajama pants to court, why not wear a nightshirt to the grocery store? See, it’s multi-functional!

  2. Hey that’s cute. I like it. Nothing wrong with new jammies and play time with a new machine.

  3. Perfect. Jammies are always needed, unless you’re 5 (apparently). Like the dots too.

    • My kids alternate between sweats and undies. They only use jammies for warmth, whereas I like to walk around without feeling the breeze on my nethers. Go figure.

      I love the dots! I have more of this fabric in white with black dots….still trying to figure out what to do with it, as the white is a little sheer.

  4. The doctor asked to listen to my heart today. He laughed when I said I don’t have one. Fool.
    It’s good to know your palette. Saves time and energy.

  5. You could totally get away with wearing that out. That’s like the cocktail dress of nightshirts.

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