T.G.I. Very Much F.

I tend to keep time by weeks. Maybe because I’ve got kids in school and that’s how they mark the days,  constantly looking forward to the weekend? Whatever the reason, this week was useless. This week was the like the Vice Presidency — I just hung around waiting to be needed. Here’s how I filled my time:

1) Ogling toddlers. Looking at a two-year-old in Starbucks, wearing a Snow White costume, I found myself thinking, “Would I let my daughter, if I had one, out of the house in that? Yeah, why not — might as well get your money’s worth. But I would make sure she didn’t wear striped underpants under it.” Appropriate panty education starts early.

2) Sewing two skirts. Yes, I know I only posted one here. The less said about the second one, the better. Abject failure is not photogenic.

3) Kvetching. See also moaning, eye rolling and yelling, “Hey!” a lot.

4) Making a royal mess of things — my sewing room, the kitchen, the laundry pile, the closet. Whatever I touched this week — it ain’t pretty.

5) Buying a new pillow. My original pillow was flatter than a teenage runway model’s chest. After a night of not sleeping, where I was having these bizarre waking dream hallucinations of shopping and wound up very, very angry at the Hubs for twitching in his sleep, I went out and bought a new pillow. It cost $15, because it is one of those stupid looking contour foam things that I find ridiculous. Worth every penny. Well, worth every penny if you sleep on your side.

Speaking of sleep, before I head off that way, let me wake us all up with some good ol’ fashioned head thrashing.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…The Offspring!


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  1. I hear you. It was very nice to see Friday arrive.
    Pillows are important, worth every cent.

    • I have no idea what took me so long. Is it possible to forget to buy a pillow? Because I feel like I spent the past six months forgetting to buy a new pillow.

      • We did pretty much the same thing. It never feels like you HAVE to buy one because you managed to sleep the night before. We ended up buying them for our anniversary I think. Or birthdays? Is this a sign of aging that I can’t remember why we bought them only 4 months later? I’m sure I told my in laws some of their whatever money went to pillows.

  2. New pillows. Oooo lovely. Like new sheets and freshly mown grass, but different…. Umm, you know what I means. BTW can’t get my kids to wear appropriately colours undergruts for anything and they’re five. Any tips?

    • Yes! And even better than new sheets, new high count thread sheets — I vividly remember when we first bought good sheets. The Hubs and I jumped onto the bed an proceeded to roll around like puppies. It felt SOOOO good.

      As for the underwear…hmm, I have boys and up to a certain age their underwear was all white. So that would be my tip — all white underwear. Or you could just buy solid underwear and teach them to match it to the colors of their bottoms. Yellow undies for under yellow dresses/pants. On the other hand, I’m the despot who will not let anyone in this house wear a plaid shirt with plaid shorts on the grounds of causing temporary blindness. I make them go up and change. So this might only work if you’re as anal as I am.

      • Many of my baby pictures have my Dad wearing plaid pants and a plaid sweater with his defence being they were both green. It’s a very good thing I was cute to offset all that plaid.

  3. #3 pretty much sums up my days during the week. “Daddy, I’m too tired to clean up!’

    Love the Offspring!

  4. I’m a “HEY”er as well. I feel like I’m always going around yelling HEY! to one child or another. Usually that is all it takes, unless they are doing something really egregious, or I just wanna bitch at them.

  5. Its Friday again and I had this song in my head this morning. it kinda goes with the stuff that builds up inside all week. And I thought my other rockin goth friend might like it to start her Friday off too….kinda gets you jumpin around….

    and if you are feeling unusually wicked this morning….

    or some audio caffeine…

    Have a great Friday SubCulturalGirl!

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