“I Know It’s Bacon, Honey — What Have You Done To It?” A Rant on New Look 6030

The title of this post requires some explanation… My go-to slumber party movie as a teen, back in the late 80s-early 90s, was Better Off Dead. This offbeat black comedy stars John Cusack as a teen whose girlfriend dumps him, thereby causing him to dream up increasingly bizarre ways to kill himself. It doesn’t sound like the stuff of a memorable movie, but my friends and I can quote SO many lines from it — including this one, which one of my besties blurted out a few years back when I was cooking turkey bacon at her house and it would NOT crisp properly. Here’s the scene (sadly, minus Mr. Cusack) for your enjoyment:

The father’s sentiment here is pretty much how I feel about New Look 6030.  I actually did a muslin for this skirt, people.  Here’s the picture of the pattern:

New Look 6030. I was attempting the skirt on the model.

Now, I probably should have expected some issues based on the fact that I’m not actually shaped like a square. However, since I had made a muslin and it seemed like it would fit ok with a little tweaking, I cut out the front in a 10 and the back in a 12 and carried on with my bad self.

I should point out here that I used scrap denim because the skirt is pretty short. No actual yardage was harmed in the making of this. Good thing too.

I took about 1/8″ off the sides, and sewed them with a 3/4″ seam and this is the result:

That gap is approximately where my waist would be.

I don’t think this picture captures the horror quite as well as a closeup. So let’s try a closer picture.


Basically, it’s three inches too big at the waist even as it’s tight everywhere else. The ridge on the yoke…the odd hip fit…I feel like that poor guy, I just want my bacon and I got green glop. Thanks a lot, New Look. What have you done to this skirt??


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  1. Great movie. I love me some Cusack!

    The skirt looks cute, but what do I know. Is there no way to fix, or do you have to just scrap it and start over?

    • Once you’ve trimmed the seams and topstitched, it’s pretty hard to pull everything out and start over. Not to mention, I don’t have any more of this fabric to cut another waistband.

      That movie is the bomb! Makes everything all better.

  2. “I want my two dollars.”
    I really, really like Charles DeMar. I think he is the voice of sanity.

  3. It’s got raisins…..you like raisins…..
    That skirt would have fooled me- it looks reasonable- you just never know, do you.

  4. Ah, John Cusack… I need a moment over here…

    As poorly as that skirt would fit you, it looks cuter than I expected. The pockets looked like potential trouble on the pattern, but it works well in denim. If it fit.

    • I cheated! I left the tucks out of the pocket, and backed it with cotton blend interfacing. Sew the pockets to the interfacing, right sides together, trim seams, turn right side out and press. Then attach like patch pockets. I’m going to do this for all patch pockets with curves from now on — soooo easy!

  5. Even the things that come out not fitting you look insanely awesome.

  6. Sorry about the skirt. But can you take in the waist? You should totally sue those people who put out the pattern.

    And I was just thinking about that scene from Better off Dead last week when I was at my mom’s and realized that the inch of what appeared like water left in the pan was actually grease. MMMMMMM.

    • Grease is important. It adds flavor. Don’t hate on the bacon grease!

      I don’t think the problem is the pattern — the fit is bad, but it’s not a drafting error. On a different figure, this skirt would most likely be fine. I can’t sue a pattern company because I have a small waist, can I?

  7. I just want to know why the bacon is green. Why is it green? Is that normal when you boil it? Oh, wait on, maybe I don’t want to know!

    Anyway, I reckon you should throw the pattern out the window (literally or figuratively, you decide) and donate the skirt to a very tall pre-teen with no waist. Would that work? Dunno, though its worth a crack.

    • Yep, skirt and pattern should both go in the “donate” box!

      I don’t know why the bacon is green. Or is it blue? Everything she cooks turns bluish green. I’m pretty sure if you boiled bacon, you’d just get unappetizing gray bacon and scummy water. Now I’m wondering how the prop people turned all the food green for the movie. Hmm….

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