Yo Ho Ho and a Pirate Dress!

Lo and behold, on Christmas Day while I was waiting for the Roast Beast to cook, I received this package from our beloved Hoody Hoo:

The inside of the card says, "Eggnog is for wussies." To which I would add, "And people who've had their tastebuds surgically removed."

Now, Hoody had mentioned that she was sending me some pirate remnants from Halloween, so the package was not unexpected. However, our darling Miss H is unclear on the definition of “remnants.” While the brown flannel with adorable skulls and hearts is indeed a remnant, slightly less than a yard, the pirate skulls underneath it are YARDAGE — i.e., more than a yard. In fact, so many yards that I immediately looked at it and thought, “O Hai, I must haz PIRATE DRESS.” Which is odd because I don’t normally think in LOLCATS.

So off I went to the pattern drawer, and pulled out New Look 6776. I’d never made a dress with a zipper before, but that one looked easy enough and I figured View D with the v-neck bodice would cover my bra. It took me until today to finish, however because that zipper would NOT go in. The dress came together easily enough — I made a size 12, and aside from having to take in a bit at the upper back and shorten the ridiculously long straps by two inches, it seems to be drafted well. The zipper?  I did a centered zip, ripped it out, did a lapped zip and had to redo the lapped part at least 3 times. I don’t usually have this many problems with zippers, but the zipper tape was slippery and refusing to feed through my machine, causing dropped stitches. I changed the needle and increased the presser foot tension, and finally got the d*mned thing to go in. I should add that the pattern calls for a 16″ zip and I put in an 18″ zip to minimize the difficulty getting it over my bubble butt. That had nothing to do with the sewing difficulties, though.

None of this gives you any idea how adorable this dress is.  I mean, it is the cutest pirate dress EVAH.  See:

Our pirate swords are long since broken and discarded, so I went for a ray gun. You know, SPACE PIRATES.

And since I couldn’t resist horsing around with a ray gun (because that’s what you do):

Put 'em up, scumbags.

I love any dress that lets me shoot things without exposing my bra.

I was aiming for the cat. Cat skedaddled.

In short, a big massive humungous THANK YOU to Hoody, who blogs over at hoodyhoo. Go over there and show her some love, she is the awesome.

By the by, I apologize for neglecting the blog yesterday and I promise I’m working on the commenting issues and other stuff. Hopefully, I should get it all copacetic by tomorrow night!


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  1. I see a hit TV series coming from that look! “put ’em up scum bags!”

  2. That dress is completely rad! Hoody is awesomesauce. But we knew that.

    And yes, egg nog is definitely for wussies! Give me that martini any day.

  3. ‘I love any dress that lets me shoot things without exposing my bra’…didn’t Audrey Hepburn say that? I think that Captain Malcolm Reynolds would love to recruit you in that dress!

    • Did Audrey Hepburn ever shoot anything? She would have been badass in space. “Start with the part where Jayne gets knocked out by a 90 pound girl, ’cause….I don’t think that’s ever getting old.”

  4. You’d make a great space cowgirl. If Captain Mal is recruiting you, I want a pirate dress too.

  5. This is totally adorable on you. A perfect fit!

  6. Belatedly, LOVE! And the fit is spot on. I just may hate you.

    All you need now are some big pirate boots. 🙂

  7. Sorry I’m late seeing this, I’ve been busier than a one-armed maintenance engineer on the Death Star… CUTE DRESS! LOVE IT! I knew you’d make something completely wonderful!

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