Christmas Was Extra Ridiculous This Year

At least, at my house….

First off, proof that Mrs. Claus needs to pay a little more attention while buying stocking stuffers:

I want my kids to have comprehensive sex ed, but this? Is absurd.

Of course, I choked on my eggnog laughing — then stuffed it in the stocking anyway. What the hey, it isn’t Christmas without at least one awkward moment.

You know those cheap executive desk toys? They make awesome gifts for teenagers.

I'm pretty sure this is the best entertainment you can get anywhere for $10.

The survival techniques book was a gift from my mom. For Oldest, because he does a lot of camping and outdoor stuff — I don’t think it’s a commentary on our parenting.

Finally, Santa was VERY good to me this year — but I’m gonna write a longer post about that so you just get a few tidbits to whet your appetite:

What I'm working on right now.

And something special:

Points if you can guess what this is from the picture!

More to come soon….


Posted on December 27, 2011, in my weird sense of humor, sewing. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. I’m thinking very weird shower head… or something “for personal use!”

  2. The pressure adjuster on the top of a sewing machine?

  3. Very cool fuseball table! Be sure not to lose the balls!

  4. My kids got that foosball table as well & have had hours of enjoyment so far. Imma gonna guess a new sewing machine. Either that or a short wave radio. For the aliens, of course.

  5. It sure looks like a pressure-adjust knob. I wonder what it’s attached to…

    My 15-yr old nephew got a “how to draw Furries” book. From his parents. I may have laughed rather more than was appropriate…

    • I googled that book to make sure that Furries still means what I think it means. Sadly, the answer is yes. I would have giggled at it too.

      Yep, it’s a pressure-adjust knob! I thought it would be harder to guess because I’ve never seen one like this before.

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