Colder Than A Witch’s….

Tit. Of course. Happy Solstice! It’s the shortest, darkest day of the year. It was so cold this morning, when I went out for my jog, my legs turned blue and red under my running tights (quite patriotic, depending on your country).

I never really understood the witch’s tit thing, though. Seriously, who goes around feeling up witches? Is there a spreadsheet somewhere that indicates a median temperature for a witch’s tit? Whose job was it to gather that information and isn’t that a good way to get hexed — assuming there IS a good way to get hexed? So many questions…

Thanks to the weather, I’m in the mood for layers, so I dashed off a quick test of McCall’s 6360. Here is the pattern:

I made View C, in the upper right corner.

I usually measure as a 14 but cut a 12; this time around I was using a stretch woven so I cut a 14. I also added 7/8″ to the back crotch seam, to allow for my derriere. The pants came out pretty comfortable, but if I needed evidence that I have big calves, I got it. It’s a bit tight at the bottom hem (might loosen up with wash and wear, though). The hem comes down a little further than just below the knee, but I have short thighs so that’s probably to be expected. I took a picture on the hanger because the Hubs is out late and my curves do not *ahem* look like the model’s. The picture looks dumb.

Stretch pants, looking dumb on a hanger.

The fabric is some truly horrific substance that I picked up not once but TWICE on a trip to the Fabric District. It’s a stretch woven, with a lot of stretch and some sheen? It reminds me a bit of ponte roma and a bit of stretch gabardine, doesn’t press worth a crap and slides around a bit. I think this fabric is where bad petroleum is sent to die. It does make for pretty comfy stretch pants, though. I’ll probably wear them with a long sweater, or under a dress.

I have bought the roast beast (I feel like I should say, “killed” but all I did was jump in the car and drive to Albertsons). So far we are having either white/wild rice or mashed potatoes and brown sugar carrots or green beans amandine. For dessert, gingerbread or cheesecake. I’m nothing if not decisive. Tomorrow, I’ll make more sugar cookies since we seem to be running short. I have some black and red decors left over from Halloween so I’m thinking bloody trees and macabre candy canes. Tis the season!


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  1. Which tit is it? ‘Cause one of mine IS markedly cooler than the other…

    BTW — your package is on its way!

  2. I’ve had many a conversation about the “tough titty” saying but never gave the “witches tit” one much thought. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!

  3. You know I read that title and went through a mental, where the heck did that come from anyhow? thought too. Google is not coming to my rescue. This about summed up what I read:

    Sounds like a good meal you have planned.

    And I don’t blame you for the hanger picture, leggings are not quite the same as pants.

    “where bad petroleum goes to die” HA!!!!! Love it!

  4. Oh, and I forgot to say I like the blonde. And I’m voting for purple streaks.

  5. We’re having pizza and Red Waldorf cake tomorrow, and watching “blow things up” movies. Life is good.

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