Blonde Ambition

Over the weekend, I decided to make like Madonna on a farewell tour and dye my hair blonde. Really, really blonde. It’s dried my hair out and made it sort of fluffy actually, not so much Madonna but more Debbie Harry.

Oldest took this picture. He enjoys the photographer role as much as the Hubs, can't you tell?

I think I like it. I’m not much of a blonde personality, so I’m looking forward to the dark roots coming in. I might even put in streaks after Christmas. Hmm….purple, pink or blue?

The skirt is a tried-n-true pattern for me, Simplicity 4963. I have a reissue of it that marks it as Simplicity 0699, but the pattern tissue says 4963. I made it earlier this year but have not worn it on the blog yet. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll recognize this fabric as the twill I used for New Look 6083. I got a lot of mileage out of two yards.

This is one of the best pleated skirt patterns I have found, and the length is a reasonable 16″.

I made the view on the bottom right, minus the buttons. It has a pleated front and straight a-line back.

This is one of my go-to goth patterns — you can easily add buckles, D-rings, belt loops or what have you.

I haven’t gotten any actual sewing done due to the holidays. I haven’t gotten anything done. In fact, I’ve been trying to come up with a Christmas menu for two days. Anybody know which side dishes go best with roast beast?


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  1. LOVE the hair — and why not do wash-out streaks so you can coordinate with your outfits? As for side dishes, if you want to give everyone a coronary, make my patented “Broccoli Stuff” (you can steal the recipe from Velveeta’s website… yes, Velveeta… all it is is broccoli, butter, Velveeta, and Ritz crackers) It tastes like HEAVEN… but if you cut yourself, you bleed cheese.

    • Ooh, that sounds delish! Although bleeding cheese might make the cats follow me around more than they already do.

      I have no idea how wash-out streaks work, having only done semi-permanent hair color. I might be too lazy to put in streaks every day, though.

  2. is that Stefi Graff, the tennis player? Its look great and you can go to the Christmas parties and act a fool as no one might recognize you from Gothic mom.

  3. Well, Who-pudding of course!! (Don’t ask me what’s in that . . .)

    Love the hair. And yes, definitely streaks. I say go with purple. That just feels the most punk to me. Pink seems overdone and blue just makes me think of old ladies (which you are not one ma’am). So, my vote is for purple!

    • I always wonder if Who-pudding is a dessert or a savory, like Yorkshire pudding….

      The dark blue isn’t so much old lady, but it does have one major negative — it washes out green. Blech. I have purple dye in the drawer already!

  4. I like the blonde! Have you ever worn your hair short? Cuz if you cut it, and then let it grow some, you get a two tone effect that I think looks really cool. Seriously. Very cool.

    • Thanks! I did have it in a bob, which looks great but is seriously high maintenance for me. So I’m sort of growing it out, but I’m ambivalent so far about the length. I do like the two-tone look, and will probably let it grow out a bit just to play around with that.

  5. I think the blonde took several years off of you like *that*. Wham-o. You’re younger. 🙂

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